College Football 25: Everything Confirmed So Far

College Football 25: Everything Confirmed So Far

EA Sports College Football 25 releases on July 19 for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Recently the studio invited a select group of journalists and content creators down to Orlando, Florida to check out the game for the first time.

With information from the various creators and media members who were down there starting to come out, Flizzyy put together a list of everything confirmed to either be in or not in College Football 25. The list includes information reported by Flizzyy (marked with an *) as well as information from other reports and EA itself.

It will be regularly updated as more information is revealed ahead of release.

  • Custom Playbooks*
  • 134 playbooks
  • Play menu design similar to Madden
  • Custom audibles
  • Real songs for stadiums like Mo Bamba, Tsunami, Sandstorm, and Zombie Nation
  • Coaching Carousel in Dynasty Mode
  • Playing as a head coach or coordinator in Dynasty
  • NIL in both Road to Glory and Dynasty
  • Transfer Portal in both Road to Glory and Dynasty
  • Road to Glory has five positions: QB, WR, RB, MLB, or CB
  • Can export Road to Glory player to Madden 25 superstar
  • Road to College Football Playoffs is Online Only
  • Faster gameplay*
  • Option offense focus*
  • Physics-based tackling
  • Revamped passing and kicking game
  • Alternate uniforms
  • Mascot Mode*
  • ESPN branding*
  • College Gameday*
  • X-Factors like Madden NFL
  • Online Dynasty Cross Play*
  • No draft class porting from College Football 25 to Madden 25 due to player licensing
  • No real-player attribute editing due to player licensing*
  • Songs not in the game include Enter Sandman and Jump Around

What do you think about everything confirmed so far for EA Sports College Football 25? Be sure to bookmark this page as more information on the game releases.

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