Comedian Vir Das Takes A Sarcastic Dig At Zepto's Notifications, Company Reacts


Comedian Vir Das recently asked quick commerce company Zepto to stop sending him notifications. Annoyed by the frequent alerts, Das took to social media to express his frustration.

Viral: Vir Das Is Fed Up Of Zepto Notifications, Company Reacts To His Post - NDTV Food

He shared a screenshot of the notifications on Instagram, highlighting messages such as:

“Vir: I am thirsty” and “You’re like paneer.” In his post, he humorously commented, “I don’t care if you’re thirsty. Your eggplant needs to leave my mushroom button alone. I don’t want my choco filled. I am not your paneer. Stop,” with a caption that read “Zepto. Stop,” accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Have a look at the viral post here:

Zepto responded to Vir Das’s post, acknowledging his complaint and humorously promising to stop “flirting” with him. 

They commented,

“No more flirting with Vir. You’ve been telling everyone about us.”

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WhatsApp Image 2024 06 20 at 21.14.06 762034d1

The post quickly went viral, amassing over 16,000 likes in just seven hours. Comedian Rohan Joshi also chimed in, requesting Zepto to stop sending him notifications. Other users joined in, with one remarking, “Bro is getting hit on by Zepto,” and another noting the rapid succession of notifications within ten minutes.

Some users shared similar experiences with other companies, while others advised Das to disable notifications altogether.