CSGO Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2


CSGO Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2: The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map Dust 2 is one of the most popular maps in the game. It is a fast-paced map with a lot of action. There are many places to hide and many places to attack. The map is also very large, so there are many different ways to play it. In this article, we will discuss the best grenade spots for Dust 2.

But you can reduce simply the risk involved in Grenade use by knowing the right spots and the right way to use them. Most of the players are involved in unnecessary places. Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Here Are Some CSGO Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2

We will guide you to which places are the best for the Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2. Go through the below spot and what is the method used to keep yourself safe from others? Go through the below list.

Upper B-Tunnels

Upper B–Tunnels is one of the best places for the Grenades. There are multiple reasons why these tunnels serve as the best spot. One of the prime reasons is that you can protect your team from the damage caused by the Grenade.

Tunnels have a wall, the walls have two advantages, first one is you can manage the angle and the position of the Grenade. The second one is that the wall will act as a shield to protect your team from the damage caused by the grenade. If you are not in a position to lose a team player, then you should surely use this method.


Skylight is one of the most important spots for the grenade. Here, the process is simple. Walk out of the door and throw the grenade and it will destroy all the people present in that area.

You can use this method or if you are not sure this is going to work or not, then you can try the small jump before throwing the Grenade. A small jump will make sure that everything is in the right spot. You will damage the enemy.

Skylight is one of the simplest and Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2.

New Car

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CSGO Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2

New Car is a surging spot for Grenade. People are choosing this spot over a previous popular spot. So, through his spot, you can kill anyone hiding in the car or behind the car. This is the best position to kill the hidden enemy.

First, stand on the barrel and throw Molotov from the angle, which will aim at the car. Remember the angle through which you are throwing the Grenade. Angle and position determine your aim and the amount of damage it will cause.

The Cross

The Cross is a little complicated Grenade Spots for Dust 2. Here you have to block the path using two different techniques. The cross is used when you have taken control of Long A.

The next step player follows is to create the smoke screen. To create the smoke screen, first, stand on the barrel and then aim for the grenade. This grenade will bounce over to block off the cross. Now, throw the second smoke to fill the gap.

The purpose of the cross is to create the perfect smokescreen. The cross is too wide to be covered with a single smoke. That’s the reason you need to use the two of them.  

Lower Tunnels

Lower Tunnel is the most strategic Grenade Spot of all time. Here, the strategy used is the same as that of the above tunnel. First, use the flash to blind the others. Now, you have a perfect time to aim for the grenade. This will eliminate all the hiding players.  

This method is used to blind the enemy players. This will give you the spare time to kill them. You can reach them easily and kill them. This is one of the Best Grenade Spots for Dust 2.

A Site

A Site uses the technique in which the place is burnt so that no one else can use this place. Goose is among the favorite place for AWP users. In this method, aim the grenade towards the goose and then throw the molly. The grenade will kill all the already present enemies.

As the place is going to be covered with fire, no one else can use the place for hiding. It’s good to deal with and you can use this method to make sure everything is alright.

B Main Flash

B Main Flash uses the same technique to blind the enemy. Here are the simple steps. Simply stand at the spot where you can aim directly at the B Main. Flash will blind everyone there. You can kill them or take them anywhere you want. It’s totally up to you what you want.

Use this method to prevent yourself from enemies. B Main Flash comes under one of the best spots. You should try this spot. You should try out this spot as it’s easy, convenient, and worth your efforts.   

As you can see, there are unique ways to play at the unique spots. Which one will benefit you more and “which strategy is preferred at the particular spot?” Whenever you are playing next time, make you are taking full advantage of the tips and tricks shared here.


There are many great grenade spots for Dust 2. However, the best ones are the ones that allow you to control an area and give you the most options for kills. These are the spots that you should focus on when playing the map.

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