CS:GO Reached 1.4 Million Concurrent Players As Sequel is Rumoured


Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the longest running games out there today, and it is one of the titles that has been influential in the Esports industry. This online multiplayer title has been an integral part of PC gamer’s life at some point in time and has been an introduction to gaming for many.

Through SteamDB’s latest numbers, we have learnt that the love for CS:GO hasn’t dwindled at all. CS:GO recently recorded a 1,410,340 24-hour peak, as it set a new all-time peak of 1,420,183 just two days ago. This is certainly a gigantic milestone for the developers as the game has managed to hit this milestone more than a decade after its release.

Moreover, this number is only going to grow once the sequel has been announced. We have been hearing a lot about this sequel recently. First, we saw NVIDIA adding driver supports to two unknown executables called “csgos2.exe” and “cs2.exe”. We also witnessed a big CS:GO leak on Source 2 along with Dota 2.

The reports do not stop there, as a new report by InsiderGaming reveals more information about CS:GO’s sequel. It seems that the update for the game could arrive sooner than later, as players have recorded CS:GO Blog Activity Updates. The latest blog activity was detected March 9, before that it was detected several times on March 1.

We cannot say for sure whether CS:GO is receiving a sequel or an update to the multiplayer title. However, the recent activity hints at some kind of reveal in the near future. Players will just have to be patient and wait for an official announcement to know for sure what CS:GO has in store for fans in the future.

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