Dead Space Remake Launch Trailer Drops Alongside New Blog Post Detailing the Developer’s Twist on the Upcoming Title’s Story


One of the year’s first big releases is right around the corner, as EA and Motive Studio prepare for the launch of the long-awaited remake of Dead Space.

The space horror title makes its way to consoles and PC once again, with improved visuals and gameplay for players to relive the story of Isaac Clarke, aboard the USG Ishimura. The sci-fi horror title first made its debut in 2008, and the upcoming release sees the title being completely rebuild from the ground up which includes redesigned assets, character models and more.

To celebrate the release of the game later this month, the developers have unveiled a new launch trailer to show off the atmosphere aboard the USG Ishimura. Along with that, we also see a glimpse of the story elements, while Clarke goes into overdrive as he kills off the dangerous Necromorphs.

What to expect from the story in the Dead Space Remake?

Along with the release of the trailer, the developers at Motive have published the latest edition of the Inside Deep Space series. In the most recent blog post of the series, fans received a deep dive on the developer’s attempts to write the game’s story, while making sure they don’t stray away from the original.

““If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. For the most part, it was all about leaving alone the beats that made the game so great, and improving the ones that were problematic, where we thought we could do better,” said Lead Level Designer Catherine Stewart on the approach the developers took at tweaking the game’s story. “Walking that line was often difficult, but I think we struck a really good balance.”

Dead Space Remake releases on January 27, 2023.

Unlike the future titles in the series, the first Dead Space game didn’t have a voice for Isaac Clarke. However, the remake features a new voice for the character in Gunner Wright, who voiced Clarke in Dead Space 2 & 3.

“He’s now a bit more involved in events and solving problems,” said Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola on giving Isaac Clarke a voice. “He’s part of the conversation. And that gives more depth to the character; it gives him more agency.”


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