Deadlock: 100 Leaks Later, Valve Still Hasn’t Addressed the Game

Deadlock: 100 Leaks Later, Valve Still Hasn't Addressed the Game

Deadlock is widely rumoured to be Valve’s next title, a third-person, hero-based shooter rooted in a multiplayer-focused, lore-rich universe. In recent weeks, we’ve seen more than 100 leaks hit social media and content-sharing platforms worldwide, with the quality of said leaks improving over time. From full-fledged gameplay edits to walkthroughs of the character library, a stunning amount of content has been pulled from Deadlock – but Valve has yet to formally acknowledge that the game exists.

It Might As Well Be Here

Some of the gameplay edits that have surfaced on platforms like Twitter (X) have featured scenes that look remarkably well-polished. The earliest leaks from Deadlock looked drab and disappointing, but it’s believed that – despite dropping mere days ago – they were from a much earlier build of the game. Here’s an example of the most recent Deadlock leaks that have been turning heads on social media:

Once known as Neon Prime, Deadlock has evolved, turning from more of a sci-fi title to something that’s a diverse mix of various aesthetics. In the game, there’s a range of characters that float between an array of themes, from robots to Victorian police officers and from traditional monsters to ethereal warriors. With obvious inspirations from Team Fortress 2 leaking through to the surface, Deadlock could be a solid contender to the likes of Overwatch 2.

However, despite all this information and content appearing online, Valve has yet to recognise that the game exists. It isn’t known when it’ll be released, but the expectation is that it’ll drop in 2025. These playtests that are causing most of the leaks to surface are seeing plenty of positive feedback about a game that’s cleaning up very nicely.

Will you be playing Deadlock?

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