Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman Is Consuming Insane Amount Of Calories To Reprise Wolverine & We Wonder How Huge A Beast Is He Turning Into!

Hugh Jackman Is Building An Insane Body For Wolverine Return
Hugh Jackman Will Mark His Return As Wolverine In Deadpool 3 ( Photo Credit – Movie Still; Poster )

The Marvel Cinematic Universe could be having a dry run at the moment with the very first film from Phase 5 Ant-Man And The Wasp Quantumania, not impressing people, but that doesn’t let fans across the world lose their hope entirely. It is the same multiverse that has made it possible for the veterans of the universe to comeback and enters the MCU. One of the most anticipated and excited comebacks/debuts amongst the many is that of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. And now his prep details are making us scream.

The 54-year-old Hollywood star later last year took the world by storm when he decided to put on his claws back and announce that he is making a comeback as Wolverine in the threequel of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool after concluding his run with Fox in 2017’s Logan. The fandom has been waiting for him to go on the sets and give us the movie as soon as possible.

It turns out even Hugh Jackman is leaving no stone unturned in giving the best of Wolverine as he is hitting the gym more than one could expect him to because, as per the latest reports, the amount of calories he is consuming is not just insane but even unimaginable on an average day read on to know everything you should know about the same.

As per a Variety report, Hugh Jackman, who is prepping for reprising Logan in Deadpool 3, recently shared a picture of his daily intake, which was a lot. His meals, as per the portal, include black bass, which is 2,000 calories, and two chicken burgers, with around 1,000 calories. Patagonia salmon with 2,100 calories, and two grass-fed sirloins contributing 1,100 calories, making it is a total of 8,000 calories a day. This is a very big amount of calories intake considering his normal intake in his life without Wolverine must be in the 2000 to 3000 range.

The actor is gradually increasing his intake because back in January he was building upt o eating 6,000 calories a day. Hugh Jackman on The Late Show had said, “I’m building up. I’m on about 4,500-5,000 calories at the moment. I wore a heart rate monitor [for ‘The Music Man’] because my trainer said, ‘I need to know what I’m working with here, because I’m trying to bulk you up.’ I burned 1,500 calories in the show, eight times a week. So she goes: ‘Oh, you gotta eat.’ So I was eating 4,500 calories a day, it was not pretty. Now I’m just eating and training.”

We cannot even imagine how big the man is planning to be opposite Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3. Time will tell. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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