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Deadpool 3: New Rumors and Teases Suggest the Arrival of a Major X-Men Character in the Upcoming MCU Film


Ever since Deadpool 3 was announced to feature Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, not much has been revealed about the upcoming MCU film. However, a new casting leak from a popular insider might reveal which character might make its way to the famed live-action universe.

Recently, leaker DanielRPK revealed that Marvel Studios is looking for a female actress, who will play the role of a “foe to Wolverine and Deadpool.”

Over the years, several characters in Marvel Comics have been at odds with both Wolverine and Deadpool. However, the answer to the character that is reportedly arriving in Deadpool 3 might have come from Ryan Reynolds himself.

In the “Deadpool Update” video where Reynolds revealed the addition of Jackman to the threequel, fans might have noticed the Canadian actor reading a comic book in the toilet.

At the time, many fans pointed out that he was reading Wolverine #21, which released earlier this year as part of the character’s ongoing run with writer Benjamin Percy. In the issue, Wolverine begrudgingly had to team up with Deadpool, as they attempt to take on Danger.

The character of Danger fits the description of the casting, and it’s very likely that she will be making her way to the film. For those unaware about Danger, the character is the physical manifestation of The Danger Room, which was created by Charles Xavier to help train the X-Men.

Cover of Wolverine #21 (2022)

With the MCU potentially adding X-Men and other mutants to the storyline, it’s very likely that the domino effect will eventually start with Deadpool 3, which is set to release on November 8, 2024.

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