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December global holidays 2022 – Complete List


December global holidays- December is a full global holiday and festivals. There are so many occasions to take off from work and enjoy some quality time with people you love. The series of occasions are there in December, the following Thanksgiving on 24th November, then Christmas, and then New Year. All the festivals are aligned in the same month. Along with these, there are some other festivals too where you can get a holiday.

December global holidays

Wondering how many holidays are there in December?

Well, don’t worry, we are going to list the major global holiday!

Stay with us to know all the details.

Holidays are classified into two categories: the first one is a federal holiday, and the other includes mini occasions. Federal holidays are those in which the holiday is necessary. And it’s mandatory to close the office or workplace. The federal holiday includes Christmas, New year, and Kwanzaa. These three holidays are must holidays and are issued by the USA government.

So, here is the list of all the holidays in December:

Top 7 December Global Holidays in the USA


Hanukkah is an 8-day celebration that starts from 28 November to 6 December.  Hanukahnukha is a festival of light. The festival celebrates the miracle of the small oil which lasted for 8 hours even when the lamp is supposed to last only for one day. The Festival is about the triumph of Jews over Syrian greek.

Hanukkah is celebrated in Israel along with 21 other countries.  Everyone visits their hometown to cherish the festive season. The family makes various delicious dishes such as latkes, potatoes, pancakes, and doughnuts. Hanukah is celebrated widely, which is why it’s one of the major festivals all around the world.

Worlds AIDS Day

All over the world 1st, December is celebrated as World AIDS day to raise awareness about cancer. AIDS is much more about paying the tribute to those who lost their life while struggling with AIDS. AIDS Day is one of the December global holidays, a day dedicated to honoring patients.  

AIDS is a common disease, and it’s difficult for people with AIDS to show up for treatment. So, the entire arrangement is to make people aware of the consequence and the possible treatment available. It’s spreading the message that AIDs isn’t a matter of shame.

Human Rights Day

10th of December is celebrated as Human Rights Day across the globe. Since 1948, 10 December is declared a day to embrace the basic rights of humans. The day is to make people aware of their right to freedom, right to speech, and the equality of every citizen. It’s to glorify the same status of each individual is the same regardless of their age, color, religion, race, and nationality.

United Nations General aims to make everyone aware of human rights. Thus, 10th December is the global holiday.


Christmas is one of the globally celebrated festivals on the 25th of December. The day is to share joy and happiness with families and others. Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus. People believe Jesus brought the light and ray of hope to the entire world. Thus, the day is to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The celebration involves giving presents to our loved ones. The family gathers together, spent time with family, delicious food is served, Christmas tree is decorated to symbolize joy and harmony. It’s tradition and yes, it’s one of the major holidays in December.

New Year’s Eve

31 st of December is the last day of the year and it’s celebrated across the world. People enjoy the day to rewind all the happy moments of the year. People party, share gifts, drink, eat delicious food, and much more. The celebration varies from person to person. No matter how you celebrate but the prime goal of the festival is to remember the good and the bad aspects of the year.

31 st December is one of the major global holidays. It’s the fun night when people let go of the last year and are ready to welcome what’s coming next. it is one of the major December global holidays.


Kwanza is a 7-day celebration to embrace the seven principles. Kwanza is celebrated in Africa and some parts of the USA. The festival brings the family together, culture, and community. According to beliefs, Kawanza is to celebrate the guiding behavioral principle. The seven principles are Unity, Responsibility, Self -Determination, Creativity, Purpose, Cooperative economics, and Faith.

To celebrate, people gather together, sharing food, exchanging gifts, sharing music, and people enlightening the lamp on the holiday days. The festival is widely celebrated, thus, Kwanza can be considered a December global holiday that celebrates the African American Heritage.

image 6

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a post-Christmas ritual in which people give boxes of food and money to the servants and co-workers. Boxing Day is celebrated across the world and it’s quite important to give a holiday on the day. But this festival is not counted as a federal holiday.

Besides the fact that the festival is not quite popular, still, this has quite important to the people who celebrate it. This symbolizes gratitude towards the people who work for us and make our lives easy. People who cook for us, people who drive, and who are there for us. The box includes the gift along with the admiration message.


As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate togetherness. Enjoy this season with your loved ones and make them feel worthy and special. Leave all the grudges and sorrow behind. Try to manifest the goodness and make this holiday season worth remembering.

And we hope you found the article helpful. Don’t forget to share with your friends and family.

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