Deebot Ozmo N8+ review: A mid-priced self-emptying robot vac

Deebot Ozmo N8+ review: A mid-priced self-emptying robot vac

Self-emptying robot vacuums allow you almost fully automate your floor cleaning. But until recently, they’d only been an option for those with very generous appliance budgets. The iRobot Roomba i7+, for example, will cost you nearly $800, and the Roomba S9+ a whopping $1,099. More recently, Proscenic’s M7 Pro and iRobot’s own Roomba i3+ attempted to bring the self-emptying vacuum to more people with less scary price tags, but each sacrificed some functionality to do it. Ecovac’s Deebot Ozmo N8+ stands apart, managing to deliver most of the advanced features while keeping the cost moderate.

The Deebot Ozmo N8+’s $600 price tag includes the robot vacuum and its “auto-empty station.” The vacuum looks similar to other Deebot models: There’s a laser turret on top, an auto-clean button, and a lid that conceals the dustbin. Underneath is the main brush, a pair of side brushes, the driving wheels, and various sensors.

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The auto-empty station looks exactly like what it is—a combination charging dock and dirt receptacle. Like most of these self-emptying devices, its design suggests it was inspired by the idea of grafting a conventional charging dock to a small trashcan.

deebot n8 2 copy Ecovacs

The Deebot Ozmo N8+ navigates and maps your space using LiDAR technology.

The Ozmo N8+ aims to provide a completely autonomous cleaning experience. As with similar LiDAR-powered vacuums, it creates a map of your space the first time it cleans to help plot the most efficient path through it. You can use this saved map to create virtual boundaries, label rooms, divide and merge areas, and create cleaning sequences that tell the vacuum what rooms to clean and in what order.

Once the Ozmo N8+ is done vacuuming—or its dustbin is full—it returns to its auto-empty station, which sucks all the captured dirt and debris into a hypoallergenic disposable dust bag. Each bag holds up to a month’s worth of refuse, although Ecovacs doesn’t say what cleaning frequency that estimate is based on. Still, considering that without the auto-empty station you’d be manually emptying the dustbin once or twice per cleaning job, it’s safe to say the N8+ will significantly reduce how often you’ll need to handle its captured contents, and that’s good news for anyone with allergies or dust sensitivity.

The Ozmo N8+ can mop your floors as well. A small water tank is slotted in at the back where you would typically find the dustbin. You remove this and fill it with tap water, then attach a moistened mopping pad to it via a special plate. The Ozmo N8+ can mop as it vacuums and includes a auto carpet-detection feature to prevent it from turning your rugs into a swampy mess.

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Rooms can be cleaned in sequence by selecting them in order in your map.

Though you can run cleaning jobs without it, the Ecovacs Home app gives you maximum control over the Ozmo N8+ and lets you take advantage of the mapping features, schedule jobs, and customize cleanings. The N8+ also integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to enable voice control.

Setup and performance

To connect the N8+ to your Wi-Fi network you‘ll need to switch the vacuum on—the power switch is under the lid, as I found after much searching—and press the reset button until a voice prompt tells you it’s ready to connect. From there, the app walks you through the process of logging into your network and completing the setup.

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