Denver Nuggets have made Nikola Jokić’s life more simple

In the history of the NBA, only two players who have won multiple MVPs have never made it to the NBA Finals. One is Steve Nash, who lost three times in the conference finals in a six-year span with the Suns, including both times he won the award.

The other is Nikola Jokić, who has won only five postseason games the last two years during his back-to-back MVP campaigns. The short playoff runs are indicative of the injury-laden rosters The Joker had to reluctantly carry for Denver. This season, Jokić’s numbers may not be at his MVP pace, but that’s arguably the best sign for the Nuggets’ championship prospects. That’s because, with the returns and additions of key contributors, Denver is no longer requiring Jokić to shoulder a massive burden. The result is a formula that could finally help the Nuggets reach their full potential.


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