Destiny 2 Armor Picker: Is this safe to use Destiny 2 Armor Picker?

Destiny 2 Armor Picker

Are you wondering if the Destiny 2 armor picker is safe? Is it safe to use it with your real account? Is the tool worth it or not?

Well, there are multiple misconceptions about the tool. There are questions regarding if this tool is real or not. Is this tool really working or not? The Destiny Picker is the tool that helps you select your desired armor. The confusion around this concept is vast.

Don’t worry. We are going to uncover all the truths regarding the Destiny Armor Picker. We will start with the basics, and then we have a guide for you to get started with the Destiny 2 armor picker. Without wasting your time, let’s get into it!

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What is a Destiny 2 Armor Picker?

The Destiny Armor Picker is a tool that lets you choose the armor and inventory from the vault. Simply put, you can choose whichever armor you want without incurring any additional costs. The tool also provides information on which stats you have to use. The Destiny Picker tool is best solution for selecting and choosing the right armor.

The Destiny Armor Picker was created by Ninjago. They created a tool to enhance the user’s performance and help them achieve their goals without a huge investment. It’s an amazing tool you will ever come across.

One of the best features of the destiny picker is the stats. These stats can help you achieve greater heights in the game. Most of the people who landed here want to know if Destiny Picker is safe or not. Read the next section to find out all the details of the selector!

Is Destiny 2 Armor Picker Safe?

Most of the players are worried about the Destiny armor picker. The issue is genuine because there are innumerable websites that trick players. And later, the account gets banned.

 But Destiny Armor Picker is safe. The Destiny Picker keeps all the data encrypted, and none of your official accounts are involved. The login process is as follows:

 Firstly, the tool will log in to the Bungie account. Then it logs in to us with a temporary login token generated by the Bungie generator.

Our login information is safe. All the procedures are performed using the temporary account.

 As we know, your account isn’t involved in the process. We can say using the armor picker is safe. It will not cause any harm to your account.

 So, the answer is yes. It’s absolutely fine to use the tool.

How to get started with Destiny Picker?

Now you know if you can use destiny armor or not. Do you know how to start with the destiny picker? How to install the picker? Which steps to follow to get started

We’ve got your back. You can use the below method to get started with the destiny picker. Go through the steps and follow them as mentioned.

Destiny 2 Armor Picker

Step 1: Click here to visit the website. The Destiny Picker can only be accessed through the official website.

Step 2: At the top, you will see the option to select the D1 or D2 version. As per our suggestion, you should pick the D2 version.

Step 3: A new window will pop up, asking you to select the class. You will find the character selection option at the top, and then you will see the class option.

Step 4: The interface will show multiple stats. You have to select from all the stats given here.

Step 5: Select the stat you want to achieve and select the armor you want.

You can select the armor based on the target you want to achieve. You may find the interface a little messy, but with time you will understand all the functions and features. Also, don’t forget to explore all the new armor.

Pros and Cons of using Destiny 2 armor picker

By now, you already know if you want to use the destiny selector or not. Let’s look at the pros and cons of using a density picker.

If you choose to use the destiny picker, you must check the changes in the D1 and D2 models. To simplify it, we have all the major differences between the D1 and D2 models. Check the below list and make sure you are using the latest version. Without wasting your time, let’s get into it!


  • Multiple Crit Spots: In the D2 version, there are multiple crit spots for enemies. This is a new feature launched by the destiny picker.
  • Large environment: The Armor Selector provides you with large and bigger spaces.
  • Public event timers and tracking: You can track and get notified of upcoming events. The feature keeps you updated regarding the events.


  • The vault is more disorganized than the D1 version.
  • Sub-class abilities aren’t versatile.
  • The game is lacking some of the important folks.

From the above proof, it’s clear that using the Destiny Armor Picker is safe. Developers took care of the fraud and fake websites. You will not have any issues if you are using the right tool. Make sure you are using the official Destiny Armor Picker.

We hope we cleared up all your doubts regarding the Density Armor Picker. If you found the article useful, then don’t forget to share the blog with your friends and family.