Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen: Seasonal Challenges Guide

Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen: Seasonal Challenges Guide

With Season of the Chosen, Bungie has introduced a new seasonal challenges system to Destiny 2. Certain bounties have been removed from the game in favor of a new setup that grants you more time to complete objectives (and thus earn rewards). Here’s how it works and all of the seasonal challenges available so far.

How Do Seasonal Challenges Work?

Seasonal challenges are accessed from the Quests tab, and they consist of a wide variety of objectives–so far they have involved tasks such as acquiring the new Cabal Gold currency, completing certain activities on Europa, and defeating Guardians in Mayhem with your Super. Each of these objectives has its own corresponding reward, which always includes XP. Other rewards include bright dust, emblems, weapons, and–perhaps most notably–War Table reputation, which is a new mechanic for Season of the Chosen.

A total of 10 challenges comprise Week 1’s lineup, and a new set of challenges (ranging from three to 10) will be introduced for the first 10 weeks of the season. Notably, you won’t only have that week to complete them: These challenges will be available for the duration of the season. Bungie has done away with certainly weekly bounties in favor of this system, which won’t penalize you for taking a week (or three) off during the course of the season. You’ll also have a period of time after the introduction of the Week 10 challenges to take care of those and any earlier challenges you haven’t already completed. Season of the Chosen will see 75 challenges offered, and completing them all will fulfill the requirements for the Master of All seasonal challenge, which nets you a bunch of bright dust.

Challenges can only be completed once per account, and there’s no process for obtaining them–when they’re released each week, they’ll be directly added to your challenges system. Other bounties do still exist and will need to be claimed as usual, but don’t forget the Destiny app now allows these to be claimed while in orbit. You don’t need the season pass in order to do seasonal challenges, but some (around 40% by Bungie’s estimate) will require you to have access to season-specific content.

Season Of The Chosen Challenges

Week 1

  • Contender’s Ascent
    • Challenger’s Proving quest completed
    • Cabal defeats with rocket launcher (75)
  • Golden Reaper
  • Crash and Converge
    • Tribute Chests smashed (5)
    • Engrams focused (5)
  • Lenses in Focus
  • Challenger’s Aspiration
    • Weekly playlist challenges completed (3)
  • Icebound
    • Europa bounties completed (10)
    • Europa progress earned (bountiest, patrols, public events, Lost Sectors)
  • Hail of Bullets
    • Calibrate kinetic weapons on Europa
  • Dredgin’ Up Victory
  • Flourish of Power
    • Defeat Guardians in Mayhem with Supers (50)
  • Dominance Operandi: Fallen
    • Defeat Fallen combatants in Strikes

Week 1’s challenges are reasonably straightforward. Advancing through the new seasonal content will get you on the right track with a number of objectives, such as setting you up to complete the Challenger’s Proving quest. That involves obtaining the Hammer of Proving and then socketing it with a Challenger Medallion, which is done by obtaining Cabal Gold (another Week 1 challenge). Other tasks will simply involve making sure you pay attention to what you’re doing, like playing Mayhem and killing other players with your Super or using kinetic weapons on Europa.


  • Master Of All
    • Complete all seasonal challenges (75)

For more, check out a list of known issues and all of Season of the Chosen’s new Exotics and gear in the season pass. Those who own the pass can immediately pick up the fun new Exotic bow.

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