Destro Reveals His Pick For the Best BGMI Player in India

Chemin Esports’ key player Ammar “Destro” Khan who is known for his long heal battles in competitive Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), answered various questions asked by his viewers in a recent livestream. In the stream, his viewers asked a few questions about his views on the recent collaboration between Godlike Esports and Stalwart Esports, his opinions on who is the best and highest earning BGMI player in India, and more. Ammar “Destro” Khan was part of BGIS 2021 winner Skylightz Gaming, however, the player left the team right after the tournament.

Destro reckons Jonathan is the best and highest earning BGMI player in India

Fans are always eager to know the views of their favorite streamers and players on who is the best player and highest earning player for them. Ammar “Destro” Khan who recently went live was asked the same question, answering it, he said that Godlike’s Jonathan is the highest earning BGMI player in India.

He was further asked to choose the best player between Jonathan “Jonathan” Amaral and Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal, he said that “Goblin is a good player but hands down Jonathan is the best BGMI player in India. He got the highest kills and became the most valuable player in the recently held BGMI Masters Series 2022. The confidence that Jonathan carries in his gameplay is next level”, said Destro.

What makes Jonathan the best in the business?

Jonathan “Jonathan” Amaral is one of the best BGMI players in India, he is known for his long-range sprays and godly combat skills in the Indian gaming community. Despite being a thumb player, this player has dominated the major BGMI and PUBG Mobile tournaments.

At the start of the year 2022, Jonathan went through a rough patch where he was unable to accumulate finishes for his team. The player underperformed in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 and Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge 2022. As a result, many people started questioning his abilities and his place in Godlike Esports. However, Jonathan came back renewed and better than ever, in the recently concluded BGMI Masters Series 2022. Jonathan became the MVP by getting 37 finishes with an average survival time of 19 minutes and 40 seconds. Thanks to his efforts, Godlike Esports finished second in the BGMI Masters Series 2022.

Destro also shared his views on the recent collaboration between Godlike and Stalwart Esports. He said that Godlike Esports has made the best decision because Stalwart Esports is currently the best PUBG Mobile team in the South Asian region. It would also help in strengthening the international presence of Godlike Esports.


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