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Dhayam Game Dhayam Game Board Dhayam Game Rules How to Play Dhayam Game, Tricks, Rules dhayam game in English dhayam game board image dhayam game board: During the Novel Coronavirus and quarantine, love for board games has increased in the world. First, the long length of quarantine and now working from home many people are getting bored of their regular board games. So high time to dive into the old traditional ones like Dhayam Game, which is a Traditional Tamil Nadu game. People of Tamil Nadu and other South Indian states have been playing this game for centuries.

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How to Play Dhayam Game

It is one of the cheapest games you can play with your friends and family at home. It does not have many components and all the necessary parts including dice and coins can be made at home and you can draw the lines on the floor, Cloth, or piece of paper. Few people use Pieces of Rice, Rajma, or seashells as a coin.

How to Play Dhayam Game

It is highly important for you to learn about the components and rules included with this game before you start playing the Dhayam game. Because without knowing the rules and terms related to the game you can not enjoy the game.


As most games need two or more players to play the game, the Dhayam game is similar to that. You need at least 2 players to play the game. Other than that four or more people can also play the game by forming teams.


Coins are one of the most crucial components of the Dhayam game. In other languages, Coins are also called chips, which does not mean casino chips or money chips. Generally, people use kitchen beans, beads, and seashells as coins. You can use any small object you like such as Ludo tokens, Seeds, etc. The game can be played with 2, 4, 6, or 8 coins. But normally people play it with 4 coins only.


The dice used in the Dhayam game are very different from the normal dice we use to play any other game. And it uses 2 dice rather than 1 we use in Ludo. The shape of the dice is cuboid Which is different from square-shaped regular dice. Which has 6 sides as normal square dice but it doesn’t use the 2 small sides. It only uses 4 sides that have punched dots or Lines. And dots or lines are 1, 2, 3, and 0. Usually, zero is left alone, which means on the zero sides there is no punched hole or line.

Most dice Which are being used in the Dhayam game are made of brass but people also use dice made of marble and wood. That is why it’s called one of the cheapest games in the world.


Now let’s talk about the diagram of the game which is pretty much similar to a game called Ludo. Just like the dice and the coin you do not need any special printed board or something. You can easily draw the diagram of the game on your floor, any piece of paper or even a cloth. In older times People used to draw diagrams on a piece of cloth. For ease, you can also buy premade games at any game store online and as well as offline.

Rules of Dhayam Game

  1. The players who are playing the Dhayam game must start by having all of their coins in the home which is the center of the game.
  2. In order to get your coin out of the house, first, you have to put Dayam in the game. Which is 0 or blank side on one dice and 1 on the other Dice.
  3. After getting Dayam (0 and 1 on dice) the player can start moving its coin and coins can rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise. But rotation has to be decided first. 
  4. Even though you can rotate your coins in any direction clockwise or anti-clockwise. But this Direction has to be defined first and all players have to follow the same direction. Usually, people follow the clockwise direction.
  5. A player has to do the full rotation of the diagram with all the coins one by one or together to win. The 1st person to the full rotation will win.
  6. Now you know that the player has to do the full rotation of all of its coins to win but it is not possible Unless you cut or Kill the coin of your opponent.
  7. In order to cut the coin of the opponent, the player has to land on the same spot as the opponent. Players can not kill or cut the coin of the opponent by just surpassing.
  8. Along with that, a player has to make sure that the coin of the opponent is not standing in the safe zone in order to cut. Because there are 8 safe zones on the diagram 
  9. Not every coin has to be killed or cut off by the opponent. The player can kill only one coin of the opponent and get all of his coins back into the safe house and win the game.
  10. Always remember that it is not necessary to kill all the coins of your opponent. But you can kill as many coins of your opponent as many times you can or want to.
  11. In order to get all 2, 4, 6, or 8 coins out of the house. The player has to roll Dhayam (0 and 1) on dice for each one of its coins. The player can not get all of its coins out of the house by rolling just one Dhayam.
  12. If a player rolled the dice and got Dhayam (0 and 1) which is 1, 5, 6, or 12. The Player will get the dice to roll again. After that player will combine all the numbers he gets Eg, 1,5 and 6 total of 12. Now players can either use all of these numbers to move one coin or multiple.
  13. The First Person to complete the whole round and kill at least one coin of the opponent will be declared the winner of the Dhayam game.


How many coins are in the Dhayam game?

There are 2 – 8 coins in the Dhayam game for each player depending on the style you want to play.

How to make a Dhayam Game at home?

To make a Dhayam game at home you have to find a Piece of marble or Wood or any other material which can be shaped as a cuboid. And you need to find 2-4 different small beans, Sea shells, or other materials to use as coins. You can use Chalk or markers to draw diagrams on the floor or piece of paper, or cloth.

How many players can play the Dhayam game?

You need between 2 – 8 players to play the Dhayam game.

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