Did You Know? Titanic’s Last Survivor Millvina Dean Had Refused To Watch James Cameron’s Epic Starring Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet

When The Last Titanic Survivor Didn't Want To Relive Her Worst Nightmare & Declined The Offer Of Going To The Screening Of James Cameron's Epic Saga
Last Titanic Survivor Millvina Dean Refused To Watch James Cameron’s Titanic(Pic Credit: Poster, Wikipedia)

James Cameron is bringing one of his mammoth hits, Titanic, back to the theatres this year to commemorate the film’s 25th anniversary. The film was based on the sinking of the British passenger liner RMS Titanic. A survivor, Millvina Dean, who was just very young at the time she lived that horrific mishap, was specially invited to attend a screening of the 1997 film, but she declined the offer to be a part of yet another history being made and in her presence who was a living breathing part of that past.

For the unversed, Dean passed away in 2009. She survived the tragedy with her mother, and her late father was the one who saved them by sacrificing his life. Scroll below to know why she declined the offer to be a part of the film’s screening—a film which catapulted Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio to the zenith of success.

According to the New York Post report, Millvina Dean was merely two months old when she and her family boarded the Titanic that set sail for New York. As per the report, when the cruise liner hit the iceberg, her father boarded her along with her brother and mother on a lifeboat as he stayed behind and faced death. She further revealed that her mother did not like talking about the death of her first husband. She spent most of her life in anonymity. She did not want to relive the horrific past, yes, she might have been really young at that time, but she witnessed her mother’s trauma.

People came to know about her on one of the anniversaries of Titanic, and people learned about her. Millvina Dean was 75 years old then, and after that, she spent the rest of her last 22 years telling the tale of the sunken ship. She passed away at the age of 97 years in 2009.

The Titanic survivor Millvina Dean even declined the invitation from Prince Charles to attend one of the screenings of the James Cameron film.

James Cameron’s Titanic will be re-released in the theatres on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.
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