Did Zaheer Iqbal Gift a Rs 2 Crore BMW i7 to Sonakshi Sinha on Their Wedding? Here's What We Know


Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal, who dated for seven years, tied the knot on June 23 in an intimate ceremony attended by family and close friends. While the actress’s outfits and post-wedding celebrations made headlines, another detail caught the public’s attention: reports suggest that Zaheer gifted Sonakshi a brand-new BMW i7 as a wedding present.

Sonakshi Sinha Receives a Lavish Gift from Husband Zaheer Iqbal

Watch: Sonakshi Sinha Gets BMW i7 Worth Rs 2 Crore By Husband Zaheer Iqbal  - News18

Viral videos show the newlyweds arriving at their reception at Bastian in a white BMW following their wedding ceremony. Reports indicate that the luxurious electric sedan, worth over Rs 2 crore, was a gift from Zaheer to Sonakshi. The specific model of the car has not been confirmed.

The couple opted for a civil marriage under the Special Marriage Act of 1954, foregoing traditional rituals.

Details About the Luxurious Car

The BMW i7 features the company’s signature illuminated kidney-shaped grille at the front, an LED headlight setup, and blue accents on the body. The design is similar to the G70 generation 7 series, and the rear doors include a 5.5-inch touchscreen for controlling infotainment, seats, and more.

Dreamy Photos from Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal’s Wedding

The couple shared their first photos as husband and wife shortly after their wedding. One image shows Zaheer kissing Sonakshi’s hand, while she beams with joy. Another picture captures Shatrughan Sinha holding his daughter’s hand as she signs the wedding papers.

The caption reads:

“On this very day, seven years back (23.06.2017), we saw love in its purest form in each other’s eyes and decided to hold on to it. Today, that love has guided us through all the challenges and triumphs… leading up to this moment, with the blessings of both our families and our gods. We are now man and wife. Here’s to love, hope, and all things beautiful with each other, from now until forever.”