Dogie Explains Why He Is No Longer Exclusively Creating MLBB Content

Popular streamer and social media influencer, Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio responded to fans who criticized him for no longer focusing on playing and promoting Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). According to him, he doesn’t owe anything to the game and can play whatever game he wants. Dogie stated that Moonton allegedly offered him to sign another contract but he refused as he wanted to explore other games. Dogie also shared his thoughts about the game’s current state, claiming that it has started losing active players. He added that his partnership with MLBB will not last forever as he aims to enjoy life and discover new ventures.

Dogie expresses desire to do more than just MLBB content

Dogie has been lately shifting his attention to playing various mobile games such as Honor of Kings (HoK) and PUBG Mobile. This resulted in some fans criticizing him for not being loyal to the game he is well known for.

Through a livestream, the content creator explained his side of the story, revealing that he did not renew his contract with Moonton.

“Think about it, we no longer have a contract with ML, ok. That means, we have the freedom to play anything we want,” explained Dogie. “I can play DOTA, Wild Rift, even HoK, Autochess MOBA, or jerk off in the stream, I can do all that.”

He added that if he only wanted money, then he would’ve renewed his contract already. His main reason for rejecting Moonton’s offer was that he wants to play other games without having limited options due to an ongoing partnership.

“I’ll put the limits, I said [to Moonton] ‘ok, hold that offer, for now, I want to play other games, I want to enjoy my life’,” stated Dogie.

Dogie mentioned that most MLBB streamers such as Wrecker and Sungit have also transitioned to playing other games. He called out the critics, stating that they are all “being eaten by the system,” due to their negative reactions whenever a streamer suddenly switched to playing other games.

While some fans may find it odd that Dogie has transitioned to playing other games aside from MLBB, it may be best to simply respect his decision and continue to support him as he explores more esports titles in the future.


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