Dogie Interested in Streaming Wild Rift, Valorant, COD Mobile, and PUBG Mobile

Dogie to stream multiple esports titles aside from MLBB

With the major comeback of Aether Esports, revealed in one of his daily vlogs that he may be streaming more esports titles such as Valorant, Call of Duty: (COD) Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Wild Rift. While MLBB content will still be posted once in a while, he plans to no longer focus on one game.

He assured fans by saying, “I’m still playing ML (Mobile Legends) guys, we grind for like 8 to 12 hours a day. I just stream other games.”

He further added that playing MLBB for both his esports and streaming career made him feel exhausted.

“I feel suffocated, [always] playing ML, especially streaming for fun. I can no longer deliver enjoyment to people, even me, I can’t enjoy it,” stated Dogie.

The content creator also revealed that he usually felt tilted when his scrim sessions did not match up to his expectations, which affected his live streaming and started negatively affecting his rather dynamic and entertaining demeanor.

However, after trying out other games like , Dogie felt excited which was something he was looking for when playing and streaming games.

“I can [play] CODM, I play that before scrims. Now, we’ll be playing Valorant,” said Dogie with enthusiasm. “My excitement level, guys, is so high like my enjoyment while streaming returned.”

He is also open to trying out other games such as PUBG Mobile and Wild Rift. However, he put out a disclaimer to players he shall come across in-game to mute him or avoid using voice chat if they are incapable of handling toxicity.

”If you don’t want to hear trash talk, don’t watch my streams, don’t turn on all [voice call] in the mic… It’s my stream, my show, I’m the protagonist, I’m the antagonist, I’m having fun,” said Dogie.

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