Dogie Is Confident About His Team Beating Five-Man BTK in a Match

The rivalry between BloodThirstyKings’ (BTK) team captain Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun and former Nexplay EVOS coach Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio gets more heated as both teams may be settling the score through a scrim session. Both players usually take shots at each other, through their livestreams and vlogs, which often lead to hot takes such as for not qualifying for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) world championship. With the North American (NA) (MLBB) squad heading to the Philippines to practice for the upcoming M4 World Championships, Dogie and MobaZane may be facing each other through a 5v5 match soon.

BTK vs NXPE match may be happening soon

Through one of Dogie’s livestreams, it was revealed that MobaZane and his squad asked one of Nexplay EVOS’ (NXPE) pro players, Jeff “S4gitnu” Subang, if they could do scrim sessions. After hearing this, Dogie eagerly accepted the offer saying “accept it so I can beat them up in scrims.”

According to Dogie, he was not aware that the entire BTK squad would be travelling to the Philippines (PH) for training. However, if the NA team does come, the former NXPE coach would like to do scrim sessions with them.

“Let’s go with the scrim so they’ll be aware of us,” stated Dogie.

Dogie added that the matches should be broadcasted live as he thinks this is a momentous event, considering the two have been exchanging words back and forth with each other since MobaZane first travelled to the Philippines region.

“It should be [broadcasted] live, right? We are already their first opponents,” explained Dogie.

Confident with his team, Dogie made a bold statement claiming that after the match, BTK members shall be packing their bags to return to NA.

“[Once beaten] we’ll box them and send them to FedEx, back to their region,” said Dogie.

It is not yet confirmed when the match between MobaZane and Dogie will happen. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.


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