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Dogie Reveals Nexplay Evos May Aquire Minana Esports MLBB Roster


Nexplay EVOS’ iconic talent Setsuna “DOGIE” Ignacio revealed that the team may be looking to acquire Minana Esports’ roster for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional (MLBB) League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 11. After the team’s upsetting performance in Season 9, Dogie shared that he wants the esports organization to and start anew. In a recent vlog, the popular streamer revealed that Nexplay EVOS may be looking to acquire one of the most iconic amateur teams in the MLBB esports scene, Minana Esports. He also shared that most of the team’s former MPL players may be relegated to a potential Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) roster.

Dogie shares what changes may happen in Nexplay EVOS

have started circulating in the MLBB community regarding Nexplay EVOS’ next step in preparing for the MPL PH Season 11. The esports organization’s pro player and influencer, Dogie, shared what may be happening behind the scenes, revealing that the current roster may be transferred to an MDL roster with the exception of Jeniel “YellyHaze” Bata-Anon.

“I think Haze is the only one left [in the roster]. I’m pretty sure… everyone else is heading to the MDL,” said Dogie.

He added that if Nexplay EVOS would go looking for potential teams to acquire, the best pick would be Minana Esports’ amateur team. 

“In terms of MPL, if ever Nexplay is searching, I think Minana is the best choice, for me at least,” Dogie stated.

The streamer clarified that he is still not sure about the team’s decision but he hopes that Nexplay EVOS acquires Minana Esports. As for the rest of the members such as John “H2wo” Salonga and Renejay “RENEJAY” Barcase, Dogie is still not sure whether the players will  stay or be bought out by other teams.

“For me, I really want a reboot. New player, new system… really focus on Mobile Legends,” said the MLBB influencer.

Dogie clarified that he can’t confirm anything about the team’s plans for the MPL PH Season 11. He added that he only “relies on connections”. Until Nexplay EVOS officially confirms the same, fans should take his statements with a grain of salt.

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