Donut Is Proud to Be a Part of Burn X Flash’s MSC 2023 Milestone

The Knockout stage of the has commenced with an impressive display by Burn x Flash, who dominated RSG Slate Singapore (SG) in a commanding fashion. Despite the Singaporean Raiders’ desperate efforts, the Flamers took center stage, achieving a resounding 3-0 clean sweep victory. During a post-match press conference, Mariusz “Donut” Tan, Burn x Flash’s star Gold Laner and Filipino import, expressed his immense pride in being a part of the team, as they accomplished their greatest feat to date in MSC 2023.

Burn x Flash shall proceed to the Semifinal match while RSG SG sadly has to go home as the 5th-8th placer of the MSC 2023.

Burn x Flash eliminates RSG SG with a clean sweep victory

The flame of Cambodian excellence continues to burn brightly as Burn x Flash decisively eliminates RSG SG from the competition with a flawless 3-0 score. This historic achievement marks the first time a Cambodian team has reached the Semi-Finals in an international Mobile Legends tournament, cementing the team’s place in the annals of eSports history.

Through a post-match press conference, Donut proudly shared how this moment matters for him as a Filipino import.

“I’m happy to have made it this far,” expressed Donut. “I’m just proud of  myself.”

Donut is a recent addition to the Burn x Flash roster, joining after the departure of two previous Filipino imports, Jhonwin “Hesa” Vergara and coach John “Zico” Dizon. The former Nexplay EVOS standout has made a significant impact on the Cambodian squad, showcasing his exceptional mastery of various marksmen, particularly the hero Lesley. His remarkable skills and contributions have made waves within the team, solidifying his position as a key player in Burn x Flash’s pursuit of glory.

The eagerly anticipated Semifinal matches are set to begin on 17thJune, as the top four teams from the Knockout stage vie for the coveted grand finals slot. The outcome of these matches holds great intrigue, as fans and enthusiasts eagerly await to witness if Burn x Flash can emerge victorious and claim the ultimate glory.