Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up – How do you get double diamonds Free


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Wanna know the secret to getting a free diamond in Free Fire? Do you feel crippled due to a lack of diamonds and skins

If you are someone who loves to play Free Fire then getting an offer in diamond purchase will intimidate you the most. 

Double Diamond Top Up is the same thing, which provides offers on diamond purchases. We are going to tell you the same.

Keep reading to know about free Fire Double Diamond Top Up. 

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Fire Fire Double Diamond Top Up

What is Fire Fire Double Diamond Top Up? 

Free Fire Double Diamond Top Up is a method to get diamonds at discounted rates. Users are allowed to buy a diamond at lower prices than others. Redeeming low prices requires a process, which we are going to discuss in the next few sections. 

Free Fire is loved by huge Indian as well as the foreign audience. The demand for offers and deals skyrocketed to overcome the competition. Free Fire comes up with many premium offers. One such offer is Free Fire Diamond top.

How do you get double diamonds in Free Fire? 

Here is a simple guide to get double diamonds in free fire. Follow the steps and you will get a double diamond top up .

Step by Step Guide : 

 1. First you need to visit or you can visit any other website mentioned in the list. 

All websites has their codes and proceedings but all the websites follow a similar process. 

( Note: These processes are for, for another website these may differ ) 

 2.  Now, open the website and select your free fire diamond to top up.  

On any other website, you need to follow the same process, still, there are chances that a few more steps are added. 

 3.  Now choose the login methods. The login method depends on your free fire account. 

Possibility are you logged in through mobile number, Gmail, or Facebook account. 

( Note: Use the same account in which you want to purchase diamonds ) 

 4. Select payment method. You can choose either UPI / NET BANKING / Paytm or any other channel.

 5.  Pay the required amount to purchase the package. Free Fire provides several packages. We discussed this in the earlier section. 

The most common packages are : 

₹40 \ ₹80 \ ₹240 \ ₹400 \₹800 \ ₹1600 \ ₹4000

 6.  Now pay the amount.  

Visit your free fire account and you will see the increment in diamond numbers. 

To know more about packages visit our section “

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Pricing of the double diamond top?

Pricing varies from website to website. There s no fixed offer or deal which lasts forever To know the best deals you need to visit regularly. 

To explain how the pricing varies, below is the sample range which usually is available.  

Below is usually used price range by websites Amount and the number of diamonds can change. Consider this as sample pricing. 

Pricing of double diamond top

Rs.40 – 50 + Bonus 50 Diamond

Rs.80 – 100 + Bonus 100 Diamond

Rs.240- 310 + Bonus 310 Diamond

Rs.400 – 520 + Bonus 520 Diamond

Rs.800 – 1,060 + Bonus 1,060 Diamond

Rs.1600 – 2,180 + Bonus 2,180 Diamond

Rs.4000- 5,600 + Bonus 5,600 Diamond

Game Kharido puts a lot of effort into keeping users engaged and they regularly get offers. 

Which website is best for Double Diamond top-up? 

Below are the top 3 websites to get Double Diamond top up :

Game Kahrido

Game Kharido is the most trusted and reliable website. This website is the first option of the entire fire community. For any player, Game Kharido is the first choice. 

Game Kharido puts a lot of effort into keeping users engaged and they regularly get offers. 

At the end of the section, we described the entire process of gamekahrido, visit the section where you will know how to use the website. 

 Coda shop

Coda Shop is another premium website that provides great deals and offers periodically. The website gives you many chances to get a Double Diamond Top Up. 

CodaShop top second in the list of trusted websites where you get intimidating offers. The best solution is to visit the website regularly to know about offers. 

Steps are simple as of, 

  • First,  Visit the website 
  • Enter your user id and Free Fire account. 
  • Select the payment method and after some time you will see diamonds are credited to your account. 


SEAGM is another most trusted and liable website to get diamond offers.  SEGM is also known as Sea Gamer Mall also provides many profitable pricing. 

If you are interested in getting inexpensive pricing then you need to visit the website regularly and be updated regarding upcoming offers and deals. 

Steps are similar as of other two, 

  • First, visit the website
  • Enter your account id and password. 
  • Last, select the payment method, and your account will be credited with extra diamonds. 


Free Fire double diamond top-up is a genuine method to get diamonds at low prices. You should try a diamond top-up. As offers and deals are limited to a certain time frame you need to we are of websites deal launch. 

Getting diamonds at low prices is what players search

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