Draconic Tears in Honkai: Star Rail – What Is It & How To Use?

Draconic Tears in Honkai: Star Rail - What Is It & How To Use?

In Honkai: Star Rail, there are many different items that can be used to complete quests and go on journeys, the Bottle of Draconic Tears is one such item in Honkai: Star Rail that is essential to completing a certain hidden quest in the game. It is considered a valuable item that players can use to trade for exclusive goodies and rewards. It is believed that the Draconic Tears are the solidified tears of some kind of legendary creature. Additionally, it is an exclusive item that requires you to be good at trading and talking to NPCs [non-player characters].

Here’s all you need to know about the Bottle of Draconic Tears in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to get the Bottle of Draconic Tears 

When you visit the Xianzhou Luofu area in Honkai: Star Rail, you will find yourself amidst a number of mysterious items and hidden missions to complete. One of them is the task of getting your hands on and delivering the Bottle of Draconic Tears to a certain person in Central Starskiff Haven. Note that the Bottle of Draconic Tears is part of a series of trades that requires you to communicate with many NPCs.

The mission begins when Pawnbroker Handian hands over a Dirty Mechanical Part, saying how a certain young man would be interested in it. Following this, you need to find an NPC named the Frowning Young Man across the street from the Jeweler’s Pagoda. He will be attired in white and green robes. 

Now, hand the Mechanical Part to the Frowning Young Man for an Old Tin Box. Once that is done, head back to the Pawnbroker and he will suggest you head to the Exalting Sanctum. Here, go to the Spare Time Book Shop and you’ll be able to trade in your box for the Bottle of Draconic Tears with another NPC, a sad woman.

Using the Bottle of Draconic Tears

To use the Bottle of Draconic Tears, players must meet with Howard, who is found northeast of the Handian’s Pawnshop. Keep talking to him until you see the option to hand over the Draconic Tears. He will then give you these rewards: 

  • 10 Stellar Jades

  • 10 Strale

  • 5000 Credits

While there is no doubt that Stellar Jade is an exclusive currency, the Strale is what you need to aim for in this quest as it can be used to purchase interesting and unique items from the pawnshop and the Fire Trailblazer’s Eidolon.


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