Dynamo Expresses Frustration About BGMI and Krafton

Popular BGMI content creator Aditya “Dynamo” Sawant was seen playing SUPER PEOPLE in his recent livestream, contrary to his daily livestream where he streamed BGMI. During his stream, while responding to his viewers, he criticized Krafton. He expressed that he was upset because, despite audience support, Krafton is showing a lack of transparency and response from its end.

Dynamo says BGMI is dead

As Dynamo was seen playing SUPER PEOPLE instead of BGMI on his livestream, one of his viewers asked him when he would play BGMI. He replied by saying the game was dead and explained his frustration with the game.

“The game is dead. BGMI is already dead,” said Dynamo. He later added, “How much more will you support a dead game? Every single person is supporting the game so much. Since the game was banned, hardly one or two statements have been released saying we are trying this or that. That’s all. Except for that, they haven’t made any statement on what’s going on, whether we should wait or not, what’s the current scenario, how much time it will take, what the government has said, what Krafton has to say, how much effort Krafton is putting, nothing.”

Following this, Dynamo stated that the audience knows that the company is trying their best. Still, it’s the company’s responsibility to inform the community about what is happening with the game to keep hope alive.

Dynamo said, “We know that the [dev] team is trying, but as a community, the company is responsible for informing the audience what it is working on and what its vision is. It keeps the trust and hope alive in the audience that the game will eventually return.”

He also mentioned that he had previously received the game’s return news, but it did not return on said date.

Dynamo added, “On 1st August 2022, Krafton said that the game would return on Independence Day, 15th August, and everyone would be able to play the game independently. August has passed, September has passed, and October is passing. What more should we do?”

Further, Dynamo mentioned the amount of support the players are showing and their efforts to keep the hype of the game.

Dynamo said, “Even though the game is banned, we are continuously streaming. The audience is also playing and supporting. Players are still purchasing Royale Pass even though the game is banned.”


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