Dynamo Praises GodLike Esports’ COD Mobile Roster For Winning POVA Cup


Popular Indian gaming content creator Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant recently shared his thoughts on the Call of Duty (COD) Mobile POVA Cup Grand Finale, praising GodLike Esports for its impressive performances. Despite some challenges faced during the tournament, Dynamo acknowledged GodLike Esports’ consistently robust gameplay. He also commended 5 & a Half Men for giving tough competition and proving themselves as strong contenders.

Dynamo congratulates GodLike Esports and 5 & a Half Men

Dynamo recently hosted a watch party for the recently concluded COD Mobile POVA Cup Grand Finale. The Grand Finale saw two of the best teams in India, GodLike Esports and 5 & a Half Men, battle it out in a best-of-seven series. Both the teams put on a commendable performance in the best-of-seven seven series, but GodLike Esports triumphed to win the tournament with a 4 – 2 scoreline. Notably, despite losing the tournament, 5 & a Half Men’s stellar performance and consistent gameplay were applauded by fans and casters alike.

Following the conclusion of the tournament, Dynamo shared his thoughts on the teams’ performances. He expressed his admiration for GodLike Esports and 5 & a Half Men, commending them for their impressive gameplay and dedication to the game. “GodLike Esports played really well. For some time, I thought 5 & a Half Men could win the tournament as it was performing well, but it tried well,” he said. “Even the casters themselves said that 5 & a Half Men gave a good competition to GodLike Esports. So, definitely, it proved itself, 5 & a Half Men.”

Despite facing some challenges during the tournament, Dynamo noted that GodLike Esports consistently delivered powerful hits to their opponents.

Dynamo also congratulated the runner-up team, 5 & a half men. Despite falling short of victory at the POVA Cup, Dynamo expressed his hope that they would one day lift the trophy as well. “GodLike Esports will keep lifting the trophies, but I hope other teams get the opportunity as well,” he added. “Let’s see. It depends on the team’s individual performances in the match. So, wish you all the best to the team, 5 & a half men.”

GodLike Esports has been one of the strongest COD Mobile teams in the country since the start of its esports scene. The team has won numerous domestic tournaments, including the CODM World Championship 2022 – India Finals and Call of Duty: Mobile India Invitational 2022. Furthermore, it has also represented India on the global stage of the CODM World Championship 2022.

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