Dynamo Provides Reasons for Shutting Down Hydra Esports Bootcamp, Danger Assures Fans Of Not Leaving the Organisation


Aaditya Sawant, popular known as Dynamo Gaming, is one of the biggest names in gaming in India. His initial rise to fame came through the clutch plays he performed on PUBG and BGMI while streaming. Since then, he has blown up to become one of the most influential gaming personalities in India.

Fans of Dynamo would also know that he owns an esports organisation called Hydra Esports and recently some new revelations about the team have appeared. Through a report by AFKGaming, we now know that the Hydra Esports Bootcamp has been non-functional for some time now.

Through one of his recent livestreams, he stated that the Bootcamp has been shut since the past “5 or 6 months.” The reason behind it getting shutdown was that all the pressure came on Dynamo. He saw certain creators putting in the work, but also others not putting any effort and “being lazy”.

Moreover, he stated that expenses were a lot: from the rent, to electricity, to building PCs and more. He also made the comparison of these responsibilities being equivalent to that of running a city or a village. He concluded, stating that the team collectively decided on taking a break. We do not for sure whether the Hydra Esports bootcamp will return.

Danger assures fans that he won’t leave Hydra Esports

On the topic of Hydra Esports, it has recently lost multiple content creators such as Emperor, Alpha Clashers and others. Due to that, many fans were also wondering whether another popular member of the team, Danger, would be leaving too.

Through another report by AFKGaming, we know that Danger isn’t going anywhere. He recently got onto a livestream and addressed the situation to his fans. He stated that he is in Hydra and will continue to stay in that organisation for the foreseeable future.

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