Dynamo shares reason behind not picking underdogs for Hydra BGMI Roster

Dynamo, one of the most popular gamers in the IGC, recently shared the reason for not picking underdogs for their BGMI lineup.

The Team Hydra BGMI roster has been long awaited. Aaditya “Dynamo” Sawant shares the reason why the team is not picking underdog players. Dynamo believes that most underdog teams that perform well always face accusations of cheating.

During a recent stream, Dynamo discussed his BGMI lineup and expressed concerns about picking an underdog team. He fears that such a decision might raise questions about cheating or other issues in the future. He mentioned ongoing allegations of cheating against several underdog teams in the BGIS 2023 tournament and is determined to avoid any such allegations against his team.

Moreover, Dynamo emphasized the importance of performance for Team Hydra and confirmed their goal to sign a well-known lineup for their BGMI team. To maintain integrity and performance, Dynamo’s team aims to make thoughtful decisions to ensure a successful journey in the gaming world.

Two of the biggest tournaments on the horizon are BGIS 2023 and BGMI Masters Season 2, but Dynamo confirms that Hydra won’t be participating in either of them. Although they are actively searching for a lineup, they haven’t finalized the roster yet.

BGIS 2023 is already underway in its first phase. The Grind has already started, and Hydra is not there. BGIS 2023 is Krafton’s first official tournament after its unban in India. BGIS is going to be the largest tournament in the industry, with offline grand finals. There are several phases in the BGIS 2023, including starting with The Grind, in-game qualifiers, Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Losers Bracket, Semi-Finals, and Grand Finals.

Additionally, BGMI Masters Series season 2 is also scheduled to take off on August 4 and is set to air on television. Dynamo promises Hydra fans that they don’t have to wait long for the Hydra BGMI roster.

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