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EA States The 3 Game Deal With Marvel Is ‘Incredibly Important’ for growth; Discusses Fears Around Upcoming Recession and More


Through EA’s Q2 FY23 Earnings Call Transcript, players have been furnished with some exciting details. During their Q&A session, the company was asked what the 3-game deal with Marvel means for long-term growth of their business to which EA COO Laura Miele responded by stating how licensed IP is an ‘incredibly important’ component that helps in expansion of the player base.

Through their Star Wars IPs, EA has understood that many players flock towards other titles that have been developed by them. They consider adding licensed IP as a pretty significant engagement model for the overall community. She added, that EA is thrilled about the latest partnership with Marvel and cannot wait to pump out new and meaningful content for the players.

Moreover, CEO Andrew Wilson had some thoughts to share about the upcoming recession. He spoke about the challenging economic times in Europe and the United States. At the moment, Wilson believes that EA will grow in a more thoughtful, focused and deliberate way. But, he fears that if this environment gets really bad, then nobody will be immune to it.

Additionally, Wilson was also asked about a major title that seems to be in the pipeline for Q4, but doesn’t have a name yet. Wilson replied by mentioning that people shouldn’t read anything into it other than the change in nature of marketing over the past 5-6 years. He also gave an example of Apex Legends, where the community didn’t learn anything about the game until 48 hours before they got to play it.

He added, the development and marketing teams are hard at work to figure out the most appropriate time to reveal names. They wish to meaningfully communicate to the community about what titles are in the works and when they can expect them to arrive. So as of now, we don’t know which title is in the works, but it should release before March 31, 2023.

Lastly, Wilson also spoke about EA’ expectations for Wild Hearts. He stated that the Monster Hunter genre is relatively new for them, but it has exploded in the industry over the past years. It is the perfect time for adding innovation and creativity for this genre. They have already recorded an amazing response for Wild Hearts from the community. They feel this is a really ‘cool opportunity’ for them, the development team and the community at large.

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