Early Impressions of Sony’s PlayStation VR2 Confirm a Major Upgrade for the System Over Its Predecessor


Recently, some media professionals and game developers had their chance to try out the next generation VR console from PlayStation.

Dubbed the PlayStation VR2, the next-generation hardware from the Japanese manufacturers have had fans excited ever since it was announced earlier this year.

While fans have received information about the VR headset’s design and the user experience, this is the first time reviews have come through for the PS VR2, and judging by the looks of things, it seems like PlayStation have smashed it once again.

PlayStation VR2 controllers features adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

When it comes to the design, users have reported a tremendous upgrade over the headset’s predecessor when it comes to wearability. With features like the best in its class OLED panels, users are getting visual fidelity of the highest level during their time with it as well.

Furthermore, the headset cameras also does a great job of tracking the room, as it helps set up the play room. With a play room in play (no pun intended), users won’t have to worry about accidentally knocking over anything while they frantically try to complete a task in their favorite VR title.

Speaking of video game titles, a recent PlayStation blog post has in-depth details of the playthrough experiences of several users on confirmed PS VR games like Resident Evil Village, Horizon Call of the Mountain and more.

So far, users have appreciated the gameplay experience of PS VR, which is further enhanced by the new controllers. Compared to its predecessors, the new controller is a major step up, as it comes with many of the features present in PlayStation’s Dualsense controllers. This includes haptic feedback (also present in the headset) and adaptive triggers, which immerses you further.

At the moment, Sony and PlayStation haven’t unveiled any details about the VR headset’s price and release date. However, it’s been stated that it will arrive in early 2023.


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