ECHO Bennyqt Explains Why Wanwan Is the Most Banned Hero in MLBB Esports

ECHO Bennyqt Explains Why Wanwan Is the Most Banned Hero in MLBB Esports

The M4 World Championship grand finals MVP (Most Valuable Player) Frederic “Bennyqt” Gonzales shared his thoughts on why the hero Wanwan is the most banned hero in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League despite the recent nerfs. According to ECHO’s star Gold Laner, it is hard to go against a hero like Wanwan who has a lot of mobility and it is almost impossible to suppress with crowd control (CC) abilities due to the hero’s second ability. Bennyqt also stated that pro teams may still be banning the hero in tournaments no matter how many nerfs she gets in Mobile Legends.

Why Wanwan is the most banned hero in Mobile Legends?

Wanwan is one of the most powerful marksman heroes in Mobile Legends. The hero is commonly banned in tournaments due to her high mobility and Purify ability. Despite the constant nerfs, the marksman hero remains as one of the most banned heroes in MLBB tournaments.

In the MPL Indonesia (ID) Season 11, the hero is second to the most banned heroes with a total of 139 bans. 

During the regular season of MPL PH Season 11, Wanwan was banned 127 times for a massive 94.78% ban rate in the regular season alone.

Through a livestream, Bennyqt shared his thoughts on what makes Wanwan such a formidable hero to go against and how the developers may be able to balance her.

“I feel, guys, that Wanwan can only be opened [during the drafting phase] when the Attack Assist is removed,” he said. “She is hard to chase and she can chase easily.”

Attack Assist is one of the attack options in the game. When activated, the hero will chase the nearest enemy to attack. This option may be clunky to use with heroes like Irithel and Leomord but for Wanwan, this allows her to dash around the map easier while attacking someone.

Elaborating on his explanation of Wanwan’s capabilities as a marksman, Bennyqt revealed why MPL teams are so afraid of the hero to the extent of the her getting banned in almost every game.

“When Wanwan is open, guys, it’s hard to pick a Pos[ition] 5 that’s good,” he explained. “You can’t go hard CC, you can’t pick Chou… you’ll also struggle as Atlas because Wanwan has a free purify ability.”

Pos or Position is a term used to describe the different roles in Mobile Legends. Pos 1 is Gold Laner, Pos 2 is the Jungler, Pos 3 is the EXP Laner, Pos 4 is the Mid Laner, and Pos 5 is the Roamer or Support.


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