ECHO Pulls off Epic Backdoor Against Bren Esports

ECHO Pulls off Epic Backdoor Against Bren Esports

ECHO put forth an impressive performance in its match against Bren Esports in the . The renowned super team was able to close the series with a clean sweep after a surprising “minionless” backdoor play that caught their opponents off guard. ECHO is now tied with RSG PH in terms of the overall score on the leaderboard with 17 points.

During a post-match press conference, the team’s coach Robert “Trebor” Sanchez explained that the backdoor play performed by the team was only effective when playing with Beatrix and is used as a last-ditch effort to secure a win.

ECHO upsets Bren Esports with a surprising backdoor play

The first game of the series saw ECHO dominating against Bren Esports. However, the M2 World Champion was able to turn the tide in its favor thanks to Jomari “Jowm” Pingol’s Moskov spearheading team fights, forcing ECHO to play safer than usual.

With a decent lead, Bren Esports opted to score a Lord kill at the 25-minute mark. However, ECHO had other things in mind as Benedict “Bennyqt” Gonzales’s Beatrix, Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno’s Fanny, and Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera’s Chou went knocking in the mid lane, forcing their way into the M2 World Champion’s Nexus.

Despite lacking the minion advantage, the trio persevered and kept their eyes on the Nexus, forcing Yawi and KarlTzy to take each Nexus blast while allowing Bennyqt to throw basic attacks with his Beatrix.

Before Bren Esports could return to its base and defend, the match came to a close with ECHO securing a 2-0 clean sweep victory.

Coach Trebor explained why ECHO went for a backdoor instead of fighting for the Lord

During a post-match press conference, the team’s coach Trebor shared why ECHO decided to go for a backdoor and not force a team fight just to secure a Lord.

“That strategy, it only works on Beatrix. Once [we] couldn’t contest in lord fights… we just go for a backdoor,” explained the coach.

Turrets and Nexus gain 50% bonus damage resistance whenever there are no enemy minions within their range. This makes it harder to do a backdoor without properly setting up a minion push. However, due to the immense late-game power of Beatrix, a backdoor can be done without the help of minions but would require you to tank turret and Nexus damage.

According to Yawi, the backdoor play was agreed upon by the entire squad.

“First of all, we fully trust each other. Things like that aren’t decided by only one person but the entire team. Just because I suggested it doesn’t mean it will be done so I really asked for their consent and they agreed,” stated ECHO’s star roamer.

ECHO will go against Omega Esports on 17th September at 5:00 PM (PHT). Bren Esports will be facing Blacklist International on the same day at 7:30 PM (PHT).


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