eISL 2022-23: “This edition will be more competitive but we are aiming for the top spot only, ” Shayantan Mondal, East Bengal FC


eISL 2022-23: “This edition will be more competitive but we are aiming for the top spot only, ” Shayantan Mondal, East Bengal…

eISL 2022-23: “This edition will be more competitive but we are aiming for the top spot only, ” Shayantan Mondal, East Bengal FC shares his thoughts on this edition of eISL – The second edition of eISL is well and truly underway and Teams are approaching Matchweek 3, which will begin on 11 March 2023. With a slight tweak in format, the margin for errors is minimal as Clubs aim for the best possible start to their campaign. The inaugural edition saw East Bengal winning the league, while Chennaiyin FC eventually became the eISL Champions.

With teams having a chance to retain one of their rosters for this season, East Bengal FC opted to retain Shayantan Mondal who played a significant role in finishing at the top.  In an exclusive interview with Insidesport, Shayantan Mondal spoke to Apurba Biswas about the ongoing season and beyond.

Q.1 When did you start to play FIFA?

I started playing FIFA in 2014. The attraction of the game took me to different local events. I started to get better and better. My elder brother encouraged me to go with it. After completing my Masters, I decided to take it up as my career.

As a professional player, I see every match as a chance to win. I take it as a must-win. As I am an East Bengal fan since my childhood, I feel honored to represent the club and I want to win as many games as possible. I have also my objectives like every pro player has. AIFF has allowed us to represent our country in FIFA eNations Series. This year, I didn’t get the chance however, I have my eyes set on the next year.

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Q2. What are your thoughts on the progress of eSports in India?

eSports has grown massively over the last few years, especially after the lockdown. There are so many examples of gamers taking up this profession. I can only see it getting bigger and better.

Q3. What are your thoughts on FIFA and eISL? How much did they progress in India

FIFA is one of the most versatile games under EA Sports. Every year, we get to play a new version with different modes, challenges, and all. Of course, the game has changed over the past few years. The game is certainly one of the most popular ones on the globe.

eISL started last year. It can be the perfect foundation for budding gamers to build their career in FIFA in India. This year, it will be more competitive. So, slowly but surely we can see notable progress of FIFA in this country in the coming months and years.

Q4. How does it feel to play for a big club like East Bengal?

It feels great to wear the Red & Gold jersey and represent East Bengal, one of the biggest clubs in India. Last year, We won the league but unfortunately, we couldn’t do well in the playoffs. This time around, Me and my partner, Akshat are motivated and focused to win the trophy.

Q5. What was your experience playing the inaugural eISL?

I had an amazing experience playing alongside Ankit (Ankit Gupta). In the initial phase of the campaign, Ankit was very aggressive, which eventually allowed me to play my game. Thereafter, we played as a team and went on to win the league. He is a great partner.

eISL 2022-23:
Shayantan Mondal and Ankit Gupta in eISL Season 1 (Image via Shyantan)

Q6. What are your objectives this season as you will have a new partner this time in Akshat?

I met Akshat last year personally. We are very good friends. We started our campaign with a draw but I am sure we can improve and can get good results in the coming games. As a team, we will take one game at a time and as mentioned earlier, every game will be a must-win game for us.

Q7. Will the eISL 2022-23 be more competitive?

Last year, some players didn’t play the games as they had to say at the Bio-bubble. However, this time around, they are much more. So, this edition will surely be more competitive. There are tweaks in format (only have 10 games to play) from the last season so, I believe it will be tougher this season.

Q8. What is your reaction to the opening game of this season?

In the first game, we got a single point from the game. Our 2v2 game didn’t go well. We have been practicing a lot. I am hopeful of improvement in the coming matches, helping us to get positive results.

Q9. Who is your favorite player (choice) in FIFA23?

The second edition of eISL started a few months after FIFA 23 got released. So, players will have enough chances to get used to the latest version. According to me, Mbappe Team of the Year is the game changer for me because of its pace, and other attributes. He is a Meta player in FIFA 23. In terms of combination, I feel R9 (Brazilian Ronaldo) and Mbappe combination is the best.

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