“Ek Gaana Kya Release Hua Tripti Ke Saath Biwi…' Katrina Kaif returns to India, Fans Connect It To Vicky Kaushal’s Steamy Bad Newz Song Jaanam


Vicky Kaushal and Triptii Dimri have set social media ablaze with their sizzling performance in the song Jaanam from the movie Bad Newz. Fans are speculating that this might be the reason behind Katrina Kaif’s unexpected return to India.

Vicky Kaushal, currently one of the most talked-about celebrities, has been winning hearts since the trailer of Bad Newz was released. He first captured attention by humorously protecting a poster of his wife, Katrina Kaif, from his co-star Ammy Virk. His smooth dance moves in Tauba Tauba, directed by Punjabi sensation Karan Aujla, further charmed fans. However, it was his fiery chemistry with Triptii Dimri in Jaanam that truly set the internet on fire, leading fans to connect the song to Katrina’s return to India.

Katrina’s Return to India

Yesterday, Katrina shared a stunning photo from Munich, Germany, on social media. However, she was spotted this morning arriving in India, casually dressed in an oversized white shirt, a black jacket, and baggy denim jeans. As usual, speculation about her being pregnant surfaced, with comments like “100% Katrina pregnant hai” and “Is she pregnant? Why is she hiding her belly by jacket?” dominating the conversation.

Nonetheless, the majority of comments linked her return to Vicky’s latest song.


Fans React to Katrina’s Return

In the comment section of a video showing Katrina at the airport, one fan joked,

“Ab Vicky ki khair nahi 😂😂.” Another said,

“Ek Gaana kya release hua Tripti k saath biwi ghar wapas aa gayi.”

A third comment read, “Aapka husband bhut bigad gya h 😢,”

while another added,

“Katrina be like:- Vicky beta ab tu gaya beta, ab dekh tu, ab dekh 😂.”

Some comments took a more aggressive tone, with one saying, “Aa gyi ab ye Tripti gyi😂😂😂.”

Comment section under a video of Katrina Kaif at the airport

Fans have been humorously linking Vicky’s film details to Katrina’s actions, even comparing his dance moves in Tauba Tauba to Katrina’s iconic performance in Dhoom 3’s Kamli.

Vicky and Triptii’s scorching on-screen chemistry has undoubtedly heightened anticipation for their film. Are you excited to watch Bad Newz in theatres on July 19?


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