Elden Ring: Dog Saves the Life of Their Owner in the Game; YouTuber Puts the Game’s Bosses Against 50 Starved Dogs

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Elden RIng streamers are on another level. We have seen them doing speed runs, no hit runs and so much more. But one streamer took it up a notch. The streamer in question is MissMikka, who was able to defeat one of Elden Ring’s hardest bosses, Malenia with a controller, as well as a dance-pad at the same time.

Now, the same streamer has just revealed even more exciting news. Her dog, Yoshi, a shiba inu, was found playing Elden Ring in her room. It seems that Yoshi was on his way looking for some treats in MissMikka’s gaming setup, where he stumbled upon her dance pad and found himself battling a dragon.

In a surprising turn of events, the dog was able to move MissMikka’s character out of harm’s way and didn’t let her die. Many have appreciated Yoshi’s efforts, and some have even said that the next challenge they wish to see is Yoshi vs Malenia.

Elden Ring Bosses VS 50 Starved Dogs

In other news, a YouTuber that goes by the name BjornTheBear, has introduced an intriguing concept through his latest video. The concept of the video was to see whether any of the main bosses from Elden Ring could survive an attack from 50 dogs, found in the Caelid region.

The swarm of 50 Caelid dogs took on the likes of Gideon Ofnir, Rykard, Godrick, Rennala, Morgott, Fire Giant, Radahn, Placidusax, Mohg, Godfrey, Godskin Duo, Regal Ancestor, Fortissax, Red Wolf, Astel, Malenia, Radagon, Elden Beast, and Maliketh. Out of which, only Rykard, Morgott, Fire Giant, Radahn, Placidusax, Godfrey, Fortissax, Malenia, Radagon, Elden Beast and Maliketh emerged victorious.


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