Elden Ring Dominates Awards Season With Most Game of the Year Wins in 2022

Elden Ring Dominates Awards Season With Most Game of the Year Wins in 2022

It’s currently the gaming awards season, as major media outlets like us publish our End of Year lists to reveal our picks for the best games of the year.

2022 saw the release of several amazing titles that captured our hearts and our imaginations, with their scintillating gameplay and mesmerizing visuals. However, one game stood out from the rest in becoming the top dog, and that’s none other than Elden Ring.

The FromSoftware title debuted earlier this year, and from the onset, it was declared to be one of the best candidates for Game of the Year. Fast-forward 10 months later, and the Soulsborne game has swept the awards season in dominating fashion.

According to gameawards.net (from Resetera), which has been tracking media outlets for their award picks, has rated Elden Ring the highest, as the FromSoftware title has won a whopping 162 Game of the Year wins at the time of writing. Out of the 162 wins, 149 have come from media outlets, while the remaining 13 are Reader’s Choice.

To put things into perspective on how big Elden Ring’s win has been, the second placed title in Santa Monica Studios’ God of War: Ragnarok has only won 32 Game of the Year awards this year, with 4 of them being Reader’s Choice. Other titles that have also received multiple Game of the Year shouts include Sam Barlow’s Immortality, Josh Sawyer’s Pentiment and Jump Over the Age’s Citizen Sleeper.


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