Electric Car – Tata Motors launches New Electric SUV Curvv

06 04 2022 tata curvv ev 22603406 125244356

Tata revealed their new Suv curvv which is aerodynamically built, its sharp edges, curvy designs, sleek arch looks beautiful and in this video, all the doors of this car are opening and closing automatically with this the frameless design of do0rs gives it a premium look.

Tata curvv

We notice that there are no side mirrors in this car only indicators are there so as it’s a futuristic car maybe we can see the rare view in display inside there is no need of side mirrors, also for Claustrophobia people tata has covered the whole cabin with a panoramic sunroof so this will enhance your traveling experience, in the front cabin, there are 2 screens in one you can see the car details and other is infotainment screen, also to control heater and ac they have given a touch screen button. the handle off this car is in futuristic looks in which they have used illuminating tata logo, and in both side of handle there are buttons to control the screen, so now what is your expected price of this car and also this car will be hit or flop in Indian market please tell us to comment section.



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