Elements in Honkai: Star Rail Explained

All 5 Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz Answers

There are seven elements in Honkai: Star Rail namely Physical, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Quantum, and Imaginary. They all have their own unique properties and characters associated with them. They are as follows:

1. Physical: Weakness Breaks dealt with physical damage result in a bleeding effect. It deals physical damage over time to an opponent.

Characters: Clara, Natasha, Sushang

2. Fire: This element, as the name suggests deals fire damage. It applies burn effect, dealing fire damage over time.

Characters: Asta, Himeko, Hook

3. Ice: Ice attacks that trigger a Weakness Break temporarily freeze opponents and deal additional Ice damage.

Characters: Gepard, Herta, March 7th, Pela, Yanqing

4. Wind: This element deals Wind damage. It applies the Wind Shear effect, dealing Wind damage over time.

Characters: Blade, Bronya, Dan Heng, Sampo

5. Lightning: Weakness Breaks from Lightning attacks cause enemies to be shocked, dealing additional Lightning for a short period of time.

Characters: Arlan, Bailu, Jing Yuan, Kafka, Serval, Tingyun

6. Quantum: The element deals Quantum damage. It applies Entanglement, delaying the opponent’s turn and dealing Quantum damage over time. If the enemy is hit multiple times, the damage will increase.

Characters: Fu Xuan, Qingque, Seele, Silver Wolf

7. Imaginary: Imaginary attacks causing Weakness Break lead to Imprisonment. The Imprisonment effect delays an enemy’s action and reduces their Speed stats.

Characters: Luocha and Welt


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