Enigma Gaming’s “Saggy” Admits to Cheating in BGMI

Enigma Gaming’s former BGMI player Sagar “Saggy” Kumar was accused of using cheats in BGMI by multiple players within the community. After being accused of Saumya “Saumraj” Raj of Skylightz Gaming and TSM’s Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, the player admitted to cheating in BGMI. The player has been fired by Enigma Gaming and he issued an apology before making his social media accounts private.

Saggy has been suspended from Enigma Gaming

Saggy was a player at Celcius Esports before joining Enigma Gaming in December 2021. With Enigma, the player secured 10th place at BGIS 2021 and had multiple podium finishes in 2022. Prior to his removal from the organization, the player was already suspended because he had to attend college and was suspended from competitive play. Saggy has not represented Enigma Gaming in over six weeks.

Following the player’s confession on social media, Enigma Gaming’s in-game leader Avinash “Avii” Chari revealed on Instagram that the player was removed from Enigma Gaming because he could not play at the team’s bootcamp. Saggy was also absent from the recently concluded 7Sea BGMI Invitational, and he failed to fulfill his obligations according to Enigma Gaming’s founder and CEO Aryaman Wasan.

Before making his social media accounts private, Saggy put up an Instagram story stating, “This has nothing to do with the team or the organization. I have had college issues since the beginning. The team didn’t know anything and there is no point hating them.” He told TSM’s Sid that he will be leaving the community for now and apologized to him.

Following Saggy’s departure from the BGMI community, Enigma Gaming addressed the controversy in an official statement to Gemwire. Wasan clarified that all Enigma players need to record their POV of the game and it has to be streamed unlisted for the organization to review. These measures are in place to prevent instances of cheating.

It is also essential for all Enigma athletes to play from the boot camp which Saggy failed to do and was suspended for the same reason. It is unknown if Krafton will take further action against the player and it is yet to comment on the issue.

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