Entity Gaming Crowned Upthrust Esports Pro Showdown Season 1 Champions

The Upthrust Esports Pro Showdown Season 1 which kicked off on 2nd May has finally concluded after undergoing a massive reschedule with Entity Gaming being crowned as the champions of the tournament, their first win of the season so far.

Entity Gaming showed great form throughout the Upthrust Esports Pro Showdown Season 1, placing 7th out of 24 teams competing in the semi-final stage of the tournament and quickly establishing itself as one of the front runners during the grand finals stage.

After hovering around the top three places in the first two days of the grand finals stage, Entity Gaming took the top spot on the third day of the Upthrust Esports Pro Showdown Season 1 and cemented its position, fighting hard through the remaining 18 matches to walk away with the trophy and INR 5 Lakhs in prize money.

Entity Gaming are the champions of Upthrust Esports Pro Showdown Season 1

Upthrust Esports Pro Showdown Season 1 has finally concluded after being stretched for more than seven weeks, as the tournament underwent a massive reschedule due to the BMPS Season 1.

Split into two stages, semi finals and grand finals, Entity Gaming showcased great consistency through both phases of the event. The semi-final stage was a long drawn battle that started on 2nd May extending all the way to 6th June, with Entity finishing on the seventh position after having accumulated a total of 219 points and 3 WWCDs.

They continued to deliver the consistent performances through the grand finals stage also, placing within the top three spots on the first two days, only to reach the top by the end of the third day. From here on out Entity struggled through the next 18 matches to maintain its grip on the throne, raking in a total of 433 points along with 7 WWCDs to walk away as the champions.

It was Shiven “Troye” Pawar who was the top fragger of the tournament with a total of 61 finishes to his name, which is 33% of all the frags taken by Team Entity during the grand finals stage of the tournament.

This was a special victory for Entity Gaming because it was the first one for them this competitive season. Further, the player named ‘Tryout1’ who was seen playing with the team has caused quite the stir in the community as everyone is keen on knowing the identity of that particular player.

According to Shadow as stated by him during the post-match interview, “I can’t tell you but everyone will find out pretty soon, now that we have won this tournament, so you will found out soon.”

All of this points toward a new player joining the ranks of Team Entity soon which might make them an even stronger BGMI team moving forward.


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