Epic Games Store Apologizes for Changing Death Stranding Directors Cut to Standard Edition during free Holiday giveaway

Epic Games Store recently gave Death Stranding, one of the best titles for free during its 15-day holiday giveaway event. It was planned to be a Christmas giveaway, but it didn’t turn out to be very Merry for some. At the beginning of the giveaway, Death Stranding Director’s Cut was available for free. But that was promptly changed to the Standard Edition without a reason. Some players managed to claim Director’s Cut while some reported that the game was removed from their library. India staff members noticed that the Epic Games Store website crashed minutes after the giveaway was live. It was either due to the change to the Standard Edition or the sheer number of users trying to claim the game.

The game distribution platform has finally acknowledged the issue and apologized on a Chinese social media app Weibo. Many find it strange that it wasn’t acknowledged anywhere other than that social media website.

According to the apology, an intern at Epic had accidentally set Death Stranding Director’s Edition for the giveaway instead of the Standard Edition. The company apologized to the people that weren’t able to claim the Directors’ Cut. They also provided a reason for changing the giveaway, stating that their agreement with the publisher only allows them to give the Standard Edition away for free. The staff made the mistake, and they are currently in discussion with the publisher about their future arrangements.

Death Stranding has been a big topic on the internet as Hideo Kojima recently announced a sequel for the title. Death Stranding 2 has been slated to arrive in 2024 with the return of Norman Reedus and Troy Baker along with new cast additions such as Elle Fanning.

Finally, the Epic Games Store Christmas Giveaway is still on, and players can claim Dishonored Definitive Edition and Eximius: Seize the Frontline. Both these titles will be available to claim until January 5 at 9:30 PM IST.


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