Epic Games Store Free Game for Dec 26 Is Death Stranding; Directors Cut Accidentally Given for a Short Time


For those living under a rock, Epic Games Store is offering 15 free titles, one every day till December 30. Players have received many titles already to expand their collection of titles, such as Bloons TD 6, Sable, Horizon Chase Turbo and so many more. The free game for December 26 has been announced and it is none other than Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding revolves around a mysterious event that takes place in the future. Through this event, the lines between the living and the dead are blurred and players will find some of the scariest creatures roaming the ruins the world is in. The players will be stepping into the shoes of Sam Bridges, who is played by The Walking Dead actor, Norman Reedus.

The player’s job will be to deliver hope to humanity, by connecting the last survivors of this desolate world. PC players can expect additional features such as High Frame Rate, Photo Mode and Ultra Wide Support. Players should not miss out on this game as Hideo Kojima has already announced a sequel for this title. Death Stranding is available for free till December 26, 9:30 PM IST, that is also when the next game will be announced.

The game that is free at the moment is Death Stranding Standard Edition. What’s interesting is that Epic Games Store accidentally offered Death Stranding Director’s Cut for a short amount of time and many players were also able to grab it for free. Others were not able to as the server load on the website was very high. Epic Games Store then removed Director’s Cut promptly and offered the Standard edition to the players.


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