Epic Games Store Free Games for the Week Evil Dead and Dark Deity Now Available; Star Wars Squadron Coming Next

This delay will also allow for the team to add a single-player option to the game.

It’s free games galore at Epic Games Store, with the platform announcing new titles that players can purchase for zero cost.

Last week, the platform made Alba – A Wildlife Adventure and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun available for free. This week, two new titles join the fray in Evil Dead: The Game and Dark Deity, which will be available to download for no cost until Thursday, November 24.

Evil Dead: The Game is free on Epic Games Store until November 24.

Evil Dead: The Game is based on the spooky horror franchise from famed director Sam Raimi. The survival title requires players to keep themselves alive in a PvP multiplayer title with co-op elements as well.

On the other hand, Dark Deity is a tactical, RPG title set in the fractured mythological land of Terrazael. The game involves players leading a team of legendary heroes in turn-based battles to save a “world torn apart by oathbreakers, warmongers, and wielders of forbidden arcane secrets.”

Speaking of free games, Epic Games Store has unveiled the next title for purchase to be Star Wars: Squadrons. The space combat title will be available for zero cost from November 24 to December 1.

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Star Wars: Squadrons will be available for free between November 24 -December 1.

Set in the iconic sci-fi world created by George Lucas, the EA Motive title sees players taking command of starfighters in this epic first-person game. Squadrons features a single player campaign. However, it’s the multiplayer mode, where players can choose between several starfighters from both the New Republic and Imperial fleets to battle it out in 5v5 space battles.


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