Epic Games Store Gives Away Duskers This Week; Title for Next Week Revealed


The Epic Games Store is back again to provide players with free titles for the week. Every new week, Epic Games Store is known to provide one, two or sometimes three titles for players to enjoy. Last time around, the store gave away Warpips for free and players were informed about the upcoming free title, Duskers, which has finally arrived.


Duskers can be acquired for nothing between February 23 to March 2, 2023. You assume the role of a pilot in this game, and need to control drones and get by through difficult 2D environments. Players enter the situation blind, as their rusting tech is the only help they receive to move through these levels. One more intriguing part of the game is that players can only give orders to their robots through the command line interface. You can claim the game from the Epic Games Store by clicking here.

Rise of Industry

Next week’s free title has been revealed to be Rise of Industry, and it will be available to claim between March 2 to March 9, 2023. This title is best for the players who wish to embrace their inner tycoons. Players have to build up their industry from scratch, starting from factories and production lines, then managing resources and providing the finished product. Rise of Industry puts players into a procedurally generated world set in 1930, which evolves according to how to you play. Adapting and thriving in your business is the only way to succeed in the game.

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