Escalera and Raizen Share Why They Joined ONIC PH

The second match series in the first week of the regular season saw RSG PH dominating its first match against ONIC PH. The series lasted three rounds with both teams giving their all. However, RSG PH was able to pull off a comeback effort and closed the series with a 2-1 score.

Through a post-match press conference, two of ONIC PH’s new recruits Jomearie “Escalera” Santos and Dean “Raizen” Sumagui shared their reasons as to why they left their respective teams and joined the Yellow Hedgehogs. The two also shared their experiences in their new team.

Joining ONIC PH gave Escalera more room to grow as a pro player

Escalera was considered as one of TNC Pro Team’s ace players. This is why it came as a surprise to the fans that the team decided to let go of its iconic player. 

Shortly after the match between ONIC PH and RSG PH, Escalera revealed that it was his decision to leave as he felt he was not growing in his former team.

“It was my comfort zone, TNC (Pro Team), and I noticed I wasn’t growing, that’s why I joined another team for myself. When I joined ONIC, I got what I wanted,” he explained. “I improved a lot as a player and as a team captain,”

Escalera further added that both teams are quite competitive but he felt unsatisfied with TNC Pro Team’s drive to win tournaments. He also clarified that he has no issues with his former team and that he departed on good terms. 

Raizen is looking forward to “crush” his former team Omega Esports

During the post-match conference, the former Omega Esports prodigy, Raizen also shared why he left his former team. In a joking manner, he explained that it was the team’s decision to let him go.

“They made me leave, but it’s ok because just like Escalera, I’ve been playing there for a while, I think four seasons, so it’s like also leaving my comfort zone,” he said. “Here in ONIC, I learned a lot.”

He also explained that in his new team, he was able to build his confidence to be more vocal about his opinions. 

“They’re (ONIC PH) very friendly, and we are open to each other,” said Raizen.

With a new team and motivation to aim for the championship title, Raizen makes a bold claim with regards to which team he is looking forward to defeating in the MPL PH Season 12.

“Omega (Esports), I’ll crush them,” he said. “Good luck to them, They better do their best when we meet.”

Raizen will have to wait until the second week before he gets to face his former team, Omega Esports. For now, ONIC PH is preparing to face ECHO on 9th September at 7:30 PM (PHT).