Esportz Premier Series 2022 – Free Fire: Teams, Results, Schedule, Format, More

Esportz Premier Series 2022 - Free Fire: Teams, Results, Schedule, Format, More

The first esports tournament of 2023, ready to take place on LAN, is all set to kick off this week with the upcoming Esportz Premier Series 2022 Grand Finale, featuring a total of five titles, marking the end of a year-long event.

Free Fire MAX is one such game that will be a part of this tournament, giving fans of the mobile battle royale a chance to witness some of the top teams from across the country take on each other from 3rd to 6th January.

Here is everything you need to know about the Esportz Premier Series 2022 Grand Finale – Free Fire, where a new champion will be crowned from among the 12 qualified teams.

Esportz Premier Series 2022 – Free Fire: Complete Details

The base version of the popular mobile battle royale Free Fire is still banned in India, but its improved version Free Fire MAX is still available in the country for all mobile gamers to enjoy.

A total of five open qualifiers were hosted for Free Fire MAX throughout 2022 from which the final 12 teams were obtained for the Grand Finale.

  1. Blind Esports – Qualifier #1

  2. Deadrow Esports – Qualifier #1

  3. The Mafia’s – Qualifier #2

  4. Team Evolution – Qualifier #2

  5. TSG Army – Qualifier #3

  6. GodLike Esports – Qualifier #3

  7. Hex Esports – Qualifier #4

  8. Orangutan Elite – Qualifier #4

  9. Aslaaa Esports – Wild Card

  10. OperaX Esports – Wild Card

  11. Xtreme Troner Esports – Wild Card

  12. Vasiyo Esports – Wild Card

The first two days of the Grand Finale will be played online whereas the last two days will take place on LAN in Mumbai at the OPAL Convention Center.

More information about the overall schedule and match results will be added as soon as the tournament organizer reveals details regarding the same.

The format of the tournament has not been revealed so far, but it might consist of a set number of matches being played across the four days and the overall standings as per the scoreboard would reflect the final rankings of all the teams.

However, we will update this with the confirmed format once the organizers announce the same.

The tournament will be broadcasted live exclusively on the official YouTube channel of featuring talents like Biren “Bullet” Sharma, Tarun “AapKonn” A, Rocky, and Piyush “Spero” Bathla.

According to, more than 15000 players and 2000 teams participated across 18 open qualifiers that were held throughout 2022, attracting over 11 million online gamers. It will be interesting to see how the Grand Finale turns out, which will also be the first LAN event of the year for the country.


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