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European Parliament Members Vote Towards Boosting Gaming Investments in the Region


According to the latest report posted by the European Parliament, it appears that they are working towards boosting gaming investments in the region. Through a resolution that was adopted on Thursday, November 10, 2022, the commission and council has decided to acknowledge the importance of the video game ‘ecosystem’.

The Members of the European Parliament, or MEP, have understood its value in terms of growth and innovation. The MEP has decided on developing a long-term ‘European video game strategy’. Currently, they are working towards maximising game creation opportunities as well as increasing European Productions.

The MEP have also understood that the European game industry is “struggling with a chronic shortage of talent”. To resolve this issue, they have come with a plan to increase EU and national investment. Moreover, they have also acknowledged issues such as match-fixing, illegal gambling and doping are prevalent in the game industry and would like to address this issue.

In addition, it’s an exciting day for gamers as the MEP has also asked to consider video games a significant part of ‘Europe’s cultural heritage’. They will work towards preserving “the most culturally significant European video games” to make sure they are playable in the foreseeable future. Here’s what rapporteur, Laurence Farreng, FR, Renew, had to say about Video Games before the resolution was adopted:

“Videogames are the most dynamic area of our cultural economy and the only sector that experienced growth during the COVID crisis. Gaming has become a vital part of cultural life for a half of Europeans. Yet, we still don’t have an European vision for the industry. Today, in the European Parliament, we formally call to develop an European videogames strategy”

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