Every Star Wars Announcement and Reveal From the Marvel, Lucasfilms and 20th Century Studios Showcase at the D23 Expo

The 24 episode prequel series will lead up to the very beginning of Rogue One.

The Marvel, Lucasfilms and 20th Century Fox Showcase began in a galaxy far, far away, as Kathleen Kennedy stepped up to the plate to talk about Star Wars.

The iconic Disney IP will see major additions in the near future with new TV shows and films, and Kennedy revealed a ton of stuff to be excited about. Here are some of the main announcements that had us chuffed.

Season 2 of Andor will begin production soon

The 24 episode prequel series will lead up to the very beginning of Rogue One.

Star Wars fans will be returning to Diego Luna’s Andor in a new Disney+ series, which will premiere on September 21. The character was introduced to fans in the Rogue One film, which garnered rave reviews from fans.

The showrunners have already explained that the spy thriller series will span for three seasons with 24 episodes, and Kennedy has announced that production for the second season will start very soon.

Along with the new trailer for the upcoming series, the cast of Andor has also announced that the first three episodes of the series will drop on September 21.

Star Wars: Bad Batch to have a two episode premiere

Producer Dave Filoni then rocked up to the stage to talk about season 2 of Bad Batch, which will release soon. Following much speculation, Filoni has confirmed that the show will debut on January 4, 2023 with a two episode premiere.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi animated shorts announced at D23 Expo

Other than the Bad Batch, Filoni has more animated goodies in the form of Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi series of animated shorts.

The six episode series will release on Disney+ on October 26. Furthermore, the show is confirmed to features three episodes revolving around Dooku and Ahsoka each.

Jon Favreau sheds more light on the Ahsoka live-action series

Ahsoka lives.
Ahsoka will soon return in her own live-action series.

Jon Favreau later made his appearance, as he and Filoni talked about their work on the Ahsoka Disney+ series. While fans didn’t receive any new information in the form of a trailer or a release date, Favreau did reveal that the character will take part in some beautiful lightsaber action sequences.

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