Everything Announced In Street Fighter V’s Spring Update

Everything Announced In Street Fighter V’s Spring Update

The Street Fighter V Spring Update streamed live this week, giving updates on new characters, content and tournaments. The livestream focused on new characters including Rose, Oro, and the surprise reveal of Rival Schools‘ Akira.

The next character to be released is the fortune teller Rose, who will arrive in SFV on April 19. Rose is being re-introduced with a new V-Skill called Soul Fortune, which uses various tarot cards to either apply buffs to herself, or cast debuffs on her opponent. You can see her moveset, comprised of both new skills and more familiar skills from SFIV, in the livestream.

Also being added to the game soon is Oro, a 130-year-old hermit monk who was first introduced in Street Fighter 3. Where the SF3 version of the character had one arm tied back to limit his power, the SFV version of the character retains his one-armed fighting style, but this time his other arm is occupied by holding a pet turtle. With Oro due to release in the summer, the livestream video gives us a peek at his updated fighting style and various skills.

In a surprise announcement for fans of old-school fighting games, the update also snuck in a peek at Akira Kazama, a character from Rival Schools who will be coming to Street Fighter V in the near future. Akira also appears to introduce another Rival Schools character into Street Fighter with Daigo appearing as an assist in her V-Trigger.

The update on the 19th that will introduce Rose to the game has other new content in store, such as three new “Professional” skins for Vega, Seth, and Juri. The skins will come included with the Premium Pass, but can also be purchased separately if you’re only after one.

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