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Everything You Need to Know About Apex Legends Mobile’s Heirlooms and Signature Weapons


Apex Legends Mobile’s first exclusive legend Fade is getting an heirloom. The developer has brought the much-requested Heirloom feature to Apex Legends Mobile with some over the top customization for Fade’s melee weapon. A trailer showing off the heirloom was also dropped a couple of days ago featuring Fade and Loba.

Let’s look at the new heirloom in Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile Heirlooms/ signature weapons

Apex Mobile heirlooms are called ‘signature weapons’ and in a first, are customizable. Currently, only one Apex Mobile heirloom/signature weapon is available. Fade’s ‘Constellation’ blade can transform into a bladed gauntlet or a crescent-shaped blade. It has six levels (customizable cosmectic features) including visual effects and special textures.

Unlike the game’s PC counterpart, Apex Legends heirloom/signature weapons are much easier to get. The base signature weapon can be unlocked by completing certain missions to earn Signature Merits or by buying Signature Tributes. Signature Merits can be earned by reaching 100 Activity Points in Daily missions and opening Activity chests. These can also be obtained by levelling up the Battle Pass. Tributes need to be obtained from the Store Vault.

The signature weapon can also be unlocked through the vault. When you unlock the base emote you also get a chance to unlock a number of poses, emotes, trackers, banner frames, and more at each level of customization. The Constellation blade’s two forms have three levels of customization each with a number of texture swaps available.

After you earn enough Signature Tributes or Merits, you can head to the Legends tab in the main menu. Here select Fade and navigate to the Signature Weapon tab. Here you can unlock the Constellation blade, it’s many forms and all the cosmetics that come with it.

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